Presenting without PowerPoint

PowerPoint, Keynote and even Google Slides are wonderful tools for both students and teachers to use. Many people rely on these tools heavily. Let's take a look at another method to use for creating a presentation.

What is Thinglink?

Well, you know how people like to pin maps with places they've visited? This is like a multimedia virtual way to pin ANY image.

Thinglink enables the user to create interactive images for whatever reason their little heart desires. In the case of student educational uses? Let's look at some examples.

For teachers? How about using it as a student exploration tool for content that is to be learned? Or, there's the need to document artifacts for yearly evaluations. April Holloway is a Clark County School District teacher and awesome all-around person. Take a look at one of her NEPF Thinglinks.

We've got the for the HOW

Go to and sign yourself up for a free account. The education account enables you to link students to your account and to create a class channel. This makes it easier to assist and grade your students.

If you accidentally create a free business account it's a simple process to convert it to a teacher account.

Betty is going to tell us how to do it.

Creating your first Thinglink

The first thing you want to do is to find an image that goes with what you are wanting to share with us. For example, let's learn about plant cells.

Click Create from the top right of your Thinglink homescreen.

Big image

Next, get your picture.

Thinglink gives you multiple options to add a picture. You can add it directly from your computer, the Internet, Facebook, and Flickr. Of course Facebook and Flickr may not be accessible from a school computer, so those options may have to be used off campus.
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How do I get an image URL?

When you open the picture you want in Google Chrome, right click on it and select "Copy Image URL." If you are in Firefox, it will say "Copy Image Location" and in Safari it will say "Copy Image Address." You will then paste the URL into the box on the Thinglink page.
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Adding Content

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Don't forget to "SAVE IMAGE" too.

Let's try adding just some text as a tag. You can leave the link box blank if all you are wanting to do is add text. Click "Save Tag" when you are finished.

Hotspots can be added until all information is shared with the intended audience. Make sure to click "Save Image" when you are done.

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Sharing your Thinglink with Others

There are many ways to share your creation with the world. Various social media tools are available at the click of a button. Embedding the Thinglink in a website is another option. The most popular option is to simply share the URL of the Thinglink.

Click "Share," copy the URL, and paste it in an email to someone, make it a link on a website you own, or paste it into a social media site. Please see below.

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Check out the finished product