Learning and Teaching Bulletin

An update from the Learning and Teaching group

Learning and Teaching

It is hoped that this bulletin will provide an up-to-date picture of what is happening with regard to L&T at Craigmount. While the L&T Website will continue to provide resources and chart progress with identified priorities, the L&T Bulletin will present ideas and examples of what is happening on a more regular basis in relation to our priorities of:

· AifL

· Active Learning

· 4 Phase Model

Sharing Good Practice

We would like to ensure that we are all sharing the excellent work that goes on in our classrooms with each other. A few ways you can do this are:

Some #pedagooFriday (in the staff room) examples

Model cell in S1 Science (Jacquie Groccot)

(see images below)

Homework was set to build a model cell. I decided to this as:

1) I have not tried it before but others have and was interested to see what I would get 2) to see what level of effort students are putting into their homework

3) I wanted to see if they could demonstrate their knowledge from class and add something.

The Brief – You have to make a labelled model of a cell. You can choose from the generalised animal cell, the generalised plant cell or one of the specialised cells we have researched. The more creative the better. Extra information is welcome.

The hope – The students would use a variety of materials to show the parts of plant or animal cells and be able to explain why they used the materials and name each part of their model accurately.

The results – a complete mixed bag. An extraordinary effort put in by some students and very little by others. Some used their jotter notes (which included research in class) and created a simple model. For some students this was easy and others this was an achievement. A couple of students however went away and researched and made models of higher or advanced higher level!

Lessons for me - The biggest lesson for me – make sure all have a written description of task, not just a verbal one.

What I did with the task - took photos of each model and will be giving them a small print out and feedback to stick into their jotter. Short bullet point feedback on what was done well and how they can improve/maintain level for next similar homework task.

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