Wetlands: White Tiger

Jessica Lash Period 1

Wetlands are generally lands that are often saturated in water, such as a marsh or swamp. Wetlands may also be dry for part of the year. Hydric soils of wetlands are shaped by water. Wetlands occur in all ecological regions throughout the world except Antarctica. There are wetlands in the Arctic (which include fens, swamps, marshes, and bogs), wetlands along coastlines (such as mangrove forests, coastal swamps, and tidal marshes), and wetlands throughout inland regions (ponds, marshes, swamps, vernal pools, and riparian systems).

About The White Bengal Tiger

Bengal Tigers are fully grown at 2-3 years of age. Male reach weights of 200-230 kilograms and up to three meters in length. The females are 130-170 kilograms and up to 2.5 meters long. They have stripes all over their body. Their stripes are like fingerprints. No two are the same. The stripes are not only in the tigers fur, but are a pigmentation of the skin. They have a white spot on the back of their ears,which looks like eyes.

White tigers are bigger in size than orange tigers. The fur of white tigers is pale white; it is lined with chocolate-colored stripes. Eyes of these tigers are blue in color. The length of white tigers ranges from 9-11 feet and they weigh between 400 and 550 pounds. Litter size of these tigers ranges from 1-6 cubs; usually cubs stay with their mother till the age of 2-2.5 years. Deer form the main diet of these tigers. However, they may also feed on wild pigs, cattle, boars and fish.

No one knows exactly why tigers are striped, but scientists think that the stripes act as camouflage, and help tigers hide from their prey. The Sumatran tiger has the most stripes of all the tiger subspecies, and the Siberian tiger has the fewest stripes. Tiger stripes are like human fingerprints; no two tigers have the same pattern of stripes.

Like domestic cats, tiger claws are retractable. Tiger scratches on trees serve as territorial markers. The life span of tigers in the wild is thought to be about 10 years. Tigers in zoos live twice as long.

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