Come on down to Pronoun Town

Replaces Chinatown

If you're hungry, go visit the Food Plaza!

Mama Mia pizzeria! Go to Mr. Man's Pizza Place for the delicious pizza that you'll love!

Need a burger? Go eat at Bob's Beautiful Burgers. All his burgers are cooked to perfection so you'll enjoy the amazing taste of a beautiful burger constructed by the amazing Bob himself.

Hot diggity dog! Head on over to Smokin' Hawt Dawgs for the best hot dog you'll ever taste! Some people might say that Smokey's dogs are even better than ballpark hot dogs!

For a lovely dessert, hike on over to Blooming Bakery, where you can get any dessert you prefer. Barbara makes all of her desserts with care, so you can enjoy the delicious taste of a Barbara-made dessert! You'll immediately fall in love with it!

(there are many more food places, but you'll have to come to Pronoun Town to find out)

Shopping, more shopping, shopping galore!

There are so many shops here in Pronoun Town, and they're all located in Shoppin' Block!

Glitzy, Glamorous, Girls: a store for fashionistas of all ages!

Superheroes United: a store for boys who like superheroes, with apparel from Superman to Batman!

Formality Family: a store with fancy clothing for all special occasions, and it has clothes for all the sizes and genders imaginable!

Sporty Spot: a store with everything sports with every single size and gender in stock!

Croc-odile Swamp: a store with crocs of any color or style!

Jewelry Mall: a store with jewelry from diamonds to sapphires to rubies— they got it all at the mall!

Parade of Homes

Looking for a home? There's 3 wonderful neighborhoods just waiting for you to move in.

Possessive Street: a family friendly neighborhood with decent size houses and an average price of about 300,000-400,00 $.

Demonstrative Drive: the perfect place for elders to live, and there's beautiful scenery right in your backyard-- all for the best prices of 200,000-300,000 $.

Interrogative Court: this scary neighborhood is where the criminals live, it's secured by a 20 feet tall electric fence-- for the price of 200 $ per year.

Compound Cakes

Mrs. Sue makes the cakes all by herself.

You and your friends will be chomping down cakes by yourselves!

Antecedent Apple Orchard

Governor Sofia Flaiani regularly comes to pick apples with her mayor friends!

Mayor Kaitlyn Finnegan of Pronoun City likes to stroll the orchard with her family, looking at the beautiful views!

Numeral Community Center

Go to Numeral Community Center!

There's three separate workout rooms with eight of each workout machine.

There's two big pools, and one of them has five long lanes in it for lap swimming purposes. The other has two different slides (body and tube) and there's one big free swim area too. There's one ginormous hot tub too!

For a snack, go to the food court with eight different restaurants and food places to eat.

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Indefinite Party!

Friday, July 8th, 9pm

Numeral Community Center

Indefinite parties are parties that happen every Friday from 9:00pm-9:00am. The indefinite party kickoff is on July 8, the date posted above.

A couple of the workout rooms are open during the party.

Most of the food places are open too.

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Objective School

Go to the Objective School District 17 for the best education possible!

I, the mayor of Pronoun Town, have personally interviewed some of its students by asking the question, "How do you like your Objective School?"

I first interviewed Frank Dencherson from Objective Elementary. His response to my question was, "I'm 300% smarter than I was last year, thanks to this amazing school!"

Next, I interviewed Regina Plunders from Objective High School. Her response was great as well, "Oh my god! It's the best! All of my teachers are soooooooooo nice! I'm sad that I have one more year left in the school because I have to graduate. Anyways, I totally recommend this school for kids k-12."

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OHS Basketball Team! GO SUBJECTIVES!!!!!

The girls subjectives are the #1 varsity team in all of Pronoun State! We watched their state game and recorded some player stats.

Sally Buckey is a point guard. She made 17 out of the team's 66 points!

Gretchen Flintstone is a center. She made 23 out of the team's 66 points!

Fran Derterson is a forward. She made 6 of the team's 66 points!

Hanna Fahrtyson is a shooting guard. She made 10 of the team's 66 points!

Kaitie Pollutian is also a forward. She made the remaining 10 out of the team's 66 points!

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