In Otter News

November 1, 2021

Indian Creek Elementary is committed to joyfully teaching the hearts and minds of all learners through dedication, perseverance, and good teaching practices.

Veterans Day

In honor of Veterans Day on Thursday, November 11th our school will be meeting at our flag pole at 9:05 a.m. We will join together to recognize our Veterans and we would like to invite those that have served our country to join us and any families that would like to come.

Drop-off and Pick-up Reminders

With the weather getting colder, we have lots of new people picking up and dropping off their children and we wanted to go back through these routines. Some basic reminders for the drop-off and pick-up area is that we need parents to please stay in their cars and to continue to pull forward as the traffic moves forward. If you would like to get out of your car, please use our parking lot. If your child needs more than a minute to get out of the car in the morning, feel free to use the outer lane to park and let them get situated and then help them across to the sidewalk. We also want to be good neighbors and need to be courteous to the community around us. Many times, we are backing up traffic on 4th St. as parents are waiting to pull in. If you are not able to pull into the pick-up lanes, please pull through our parking lot and circle back around. Please do not stay on 4th St. with your blinker on waiting to pull-in and blocking traffic from being able to continue west on 4th St. Students do not release from school until 3:30 and often times we are backed up on the road prior to this time. Once students are out, we can begin to get cars moving, but anything prior to this time causes a traffic jam. We appreciate your support in keeping these routines running smoothly!

Seeking Parent Advisory Committee Members

Indian Creek Elementary will begin their first Parent Advisory Committee and we are looking for parents to join. We are looking for parents that would like to work with us in providing advice, feedback and assistance to school administrators and educators relating to the school improvement plan, programs, activities, resources and services in order to help the school attain its goals. If this is something you are interested in, please contact Mrs. Barker at

Thanksgiving Break

There will be no school November 22nd-26th for Thanksgiving Break. Students will return on Monday, November 29th.

Texas Roadhouse Roll Pick-Up

The Texas Roadhouse orders are available to be picked up on Wednesday, November 17th between 2-5 p.m. at INDIAN CREEK ELEMENTARY. Thank you to everyone for supporting this fundraiser. We will keep you posted on how much we earned!