The Catcher in the Rye

Georgie Seifman

During this time period, some teens would have trouble fitting in with the status quo. To conform with other teens, one would be expected to follow a heterosexual life. It would be incrediably hard to come out to your peers and family if you were a homosexual. For the family category, if one was raised by a single parent, their family would be outcasted from the rest of society. Another issue lies within success in society. It is obvious who would or would not be wealthy based on the possessions one holds. Not fitting the mold in society may have one to rebel and make bad life decisions. This, in turn, would result in even more isolation from ones community, and can eventually lead to one being emotionally unstable. If one does not get help, their life could be in serious danger. Those who are categorized as different by their community, peers, and family would find it hard to consult in anyone and would likely keep it to themselves. They may try to conform with society, which just ends up temporarily covering up ones true identity, only to be later reemersed in a destructive manner. One who does not fit the mold in being successful, conformed, and within their family is probably common among society, just people try and cover up to fit in with everyone else.