Dig Cit Bucket Challenge


Sorting Your Bucket

Your "Buckets have been filled today. Let's take some time to "sort and dump" them so you leave feeling comfortable with your Digital Citizenship knowledge. I encourage you to have conversations that share ideas on how you plan to use some of the tools and resources shared today.

You all have different teaching responsibilities. Use this time allowed to "sort" your bucket and take a second look at tools from today, explore new ones, and ask questions. I want you to leave feeling comfortable sharing at least one of these dig cit tools/resources with your students.

Pick the ONE thing you took away from today as a "useful" tool or lesson and post it to the Padlet to be entered into the "Bucket Drawing"

Here are some additional resources:

1. Digital Bytes

2. Digital Compass

3. Digital Passport

4. Connecting Families

5. Common Sense Education Certification