Nov. 9-13

Mrs. Sacket-Mowers, 6th Grade


A big thanks to our room parents, Mrs. Swardstrom and Mrs. Agahi. They brought in doughnuts on Monday for the whole class to celebrate my birthday! How sweet! Thanks for the class gift card and the kind words and thoughts. I can't think of a nicer group of kids to celebrate with!

Upcoming Events:

* DARE Project due next Wednesday

* Speaking of DARE-we would like to give a group gift to Officer Aragon at the DARE graduation in December. If you/your child would like to contribute, we're asking for $1 or $2 per child (or any amount). We'll combine all the donations and get him a gift card from his Alderwood DARE students. I will mention this to the class next week, but really didn't want to forget to tell you! As always, this is optional.

Questions to Ask:

*Explain the 4 quadrants on a coordinate plane. (Could ask child to draw the x- and y-axes and label the quadrants. Quadrant 1 is the upper right quadrant, and it goes around counter-clockwise.)

* What is a reflection on a coordinate plane? If a point is located at (-4, 8), what would be its reflection across the x-axis? What about across the y-axis instead? What if it were reflected across BOTH the x- and y-axes? [Answers in order are: (-4, -8), (4, 8), (4, -8).]

* Tell me something you learned about a thesis statement.

* Why is Veteran's Day celebrated on Nov. 11th, instead of just making it on a Monday?

* What are you currently learning about in History?

* What are you currently learning about in Science?