Lewis and Clark Expedition Project

By: Braden Clapper

1. Animals they Discovered

Blue Catfish

Columbian Black-tailed deer


Grizzly Bear

Lewis’s Woodpecker

Missouri Beaver

Mountain Goat

Northern Bobcat

Pacific Tree frog

Prairie Dogs

These are just a small portion of all the animals that were discovered on the Lewis and Clark expedition.

2. Firearms

Harpers Ferry model 1803 Rifle

U.S Model 1792 - 1794 Contract Rifle

Short Model U.S 1792 - 1794 Contract Rifle

These are all models that were used during the Lewis and Clark expedition.

3. Seaman (Lewis's dog)

Seaman was a black Newfoundland dog most famous for being the dog of Meriwether Lewis. Seaman went on the expedition with them and saved the crew from a bear attack on their journey. On the journey though he was kidnapped by an Indian tribe and Lewis threatened to send in three armed men to kill the Indian tribe.

4. Indian Tribes

The Osage

The Mandan

The Cheyenne

The Shoshone

The Nez Perce

These are few of the many Indians tribes that Lewis and Clarks crew encountered. But the most beneficial tribe was probably the Shoshone because they gave the crew horses to help them with the journey up the Rocky Mountains. Also Sacagawea was part of the Shoshone tribe and Sacagawea was probably the most helpful person on this journey with her knowledge of the land and the connections with the other Indian tribes.

5. Trade Items

6. Sacagawea

7. Plants they Discovered

8. Tools they Used

6 Large needles - for medical reasons or sewing

Pliers - to grab or tighten things

Chisels - to chisel rock or solid objects

Handsaws - to cut logs and lumber

Oilskin bags - to carry materials

25 Hatchets - to split or wedge wood

9. Where they traveled

They went all over The United States where nobody had gone before They went all the way from Missouri to the West Coast. Some the places where Camp Wood, St. Louis, Saint Charles, Sioux, Fort Mandan, Great Falls, and to three different Indian tribes all the way to Fort Clatsop.

10. Maps

Lewis and Clark almost across the whole United States starting in St. Louis all the way to Fort Clatsop which is where Oregon would be today.
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