stevie wonder

by Eli

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Accomplishments. Source Stevie wonder awards

In 1989 he got aleced to the song writer hall of fame, 1985 he got an Oscar for the song ( I just called to say I love you ), 1986 he got the award black gold award, 1989 he got aleced for rock and roll hall of fame. I just picked out a couple of awards. But if you go to the source up top you will see many more of Stevie wonder awards

important life experiences source 10 thangs you never know about Stevie wonder

Stevie became blined the stunt of his blood vessels in the back of his eyes to make him blined.

Stevie got in bad accident on August 6 1973. It made him go into a coma for 4 days and made him lose sense of smell for a short period of time .

Character traits

Trait 1 brave because he got up on the stage in front of thousands of people and not just that he was blinded. And how many of you people see someone get on the stage and play piano when blined you see 1 Stevie wonder.

My second character traits is encerging. Because he dint let being blined stop him from doing what he loved music. He encerged pepole even thouth they have problem's. He enceredg them like if that's what you are good at do it

confidet he was cofdint in his music to do what he loved.

Interview question and answer

How did you fell stepping on the stage for the first time

Answer 1 scared but i manegd to do it for my family and fans

How has it been for the last 65 years of being blind

Answer 2 hard but I have moved on form being someone I never thought I could be