Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol kills lots of teens a day!!

Why is drinking so bad?

There are a lot of things that can happen to a person that drinks a lot of alcohol a day. Alcohol affects a lot of different parts of the body like.. The Kidney's, Stomach produces more acid when drinking. Also a person can tear their esophagus can tear, and lots more!!

Dont risk losing your life or Someone ele's

Alcohol kills 5 times more people then any other drug combined..!! So whats the point of drinking at all?? From drinking to much over a long period of time a person can get Ulcers forming in their stomach. Ending someone's life by driving reckless or under the influence is known as Vehicular Homicide which happens very often from drunk drivers. Alcohol is not wroth ending your own life!!
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Why drink if you already know the side effects.

Now normally every teen or person who drinks knows the side effects and the things that could go wrong. Every time a teen goes to drink they think that its gonna just be a fun night. Well there is a lot of things that could go wrong when drinking. You could die from it with an over dose. Many teens risk the chances of losing their own life and don't even notice. No Teen should be dying at a young age.

Do you think Alcohol makes you cool??

Many Teens do Alcohol because their friends do. Then they decide to get into a car under the influence. Which can cause serious brain damage to the person. Your liver can become hard and scarred which can cause death from long time drinking. Also while drinking a person is most likely to get pneumonia developing in the lungs. Just cause it might seem cool doesn't make it cool at all!!
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This is Your Life don't Risk It

Today nearly 10.8 million teen ages 12-20 are under age drinkers. In any month more youth drink alcohol then any marijuana or smoking cigarettes. During the ages 9 and 10 that's when most kids start to drink!! Most of the youth are already drinking before they even hit 13 years old. Now personally i think that's really sad that kids would start drinking at that age when the illegal age is really 21 years old. It's your very own life and you decide how you want to live it.

Do you know how to say no??

Whenever a Teen is offered a drink they are most likely to take it, because there friends are tempting them to. You could be the most sober person and not like to drink, but once your friends say the words "its fun" or "just come out of your comfort zone" i bet you will then say yes to drinking!! Learn to say no, keep your body healthy and not in risk of dying. It might seem hard to say no at first but its the only way. Smoking causes a person to age faster, but drinking causes a person to die quickly.
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The terrible effects of drinking!!

Every single year more then 5,000 deaths of people are from kids under the age of 21. Alcohol is the leading factor of car crashes, homicides and suicides. The three leading causes of death for kids ages 15-24. At least 19% of eighth-graders have drank within the last 30 days. Teens that start drinking at the age of 15 are more likely to become dependent on alcohol then those that start drinking at age 21

Just End IT!!!

An estimated three million teenagers are alcoholics, and several million more have a serious drinking problem they can’t manage on their own. Alcohol problems are caused the most with teens at the age of 15. Women who drink alcohol are most likely to get liver damage before men do. Lastly when people drink it doesn't relieve stress or depression it just makes it all worst.
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Alcohol Commercial Suddenly Turns Anti Drinking