Turn That Frown Upside Down


Did You Know?

About 80% of people in America has depression at sometime of there life. Major depressive disorder affects approximately 14.8 million American adults, or about 6.7% of the United States population age 18 and older, in a given year

Do you have Depression? Well here's some symptoms!

  • Tired
  • Ongoing feeling of sadness
  • Anxiousness
  • Feeling helpless
  • Feeling worthless
  • Persistent sadness
  • Persistent hopelessness
  • Loss of energy

If you need help, contact We Care, INC

Call their hotline number, text, or check out their website! Text 839863 for help!
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Your not alone if you have Depression!

Demi Lovato had depression. Because Demi had childhood depression, she now feels the need to inspire young girls.