What To Expect

3 trimesters of pregnancy--- ally cherry

Months 1-3 (first trimester)

Hormons start to affect your body. These changes bring symptoms in the first weeks of pregnancy. Your period stopping is a big sign that you are pregnant. Other things might happen like tiredness, Tender/ swollen breasts, throwing up, Constipation, Need to pee more often, Headache, Heartburn, Weight gain or loss.

Months 4-6 (second trimester)

symptoms like nausea and fatigue start to go away. But more noticeable changes to your body start happening. Your abdomen starts to get bigger while the baby get bigger making room for the fetus. while your body gets bigger to make room for your baby you might feel aches like abdomen, groin, or thigh pain, stretch marks on your abdomen, breasts, thighs, or butt. you also might have Numb or tingling hands, Itching on the abdomen, palms, and your feet, swelling of your ankles, fingers, and face.

Months 7-9 (third trimester)

Some of the same problems you had in your second trimester will still go on but some new changes you might have in the third trimester might be shortness of breath, heartburn, hemorrhoids, tender breasts, that might leak watery milk, your belly button may stick out, trouble sleeping, the baby dropping, or moving lower in your abdomen, contractions, that will be a sign of real or false labor. whenever you get close to your delivery date your cervix becomes thinner and softer so the vagina can be easier to open during the birth.

changes in the baby

what fathers should expect

, always keep a positive attitude, one of the most important things an expectant father can do is to be a positive to his partner during the pregnancy. Be a good supporter and allow your partner to talk about her feelings during the pregnancy. Discuss the changes, and talk about how she is feeling. Also, the male partner should go to the prenatal visits so he can talk to the doctor too and see his baby and bond. Lastly, don’t stop trying to help her out after the baby is born. be ready to handle hormonal changes and cravings. one day she might go crazy but you have to just stick with her and realize shes pregnant shes not really crazy