Palladium (Pd)

Palladium since 1803

Elemental Info

Atomic number: 46

Atomic Mass: 100 rounded

# of protons: 46

# of Neutrons: 60

# of Electrons: 46

Temperatures and State

Melting point: 1554.9 degrees Celsius. Boiling Point: 2936 degrees Celsius. Normal Phase: Solid


Origin of Name and Element

Name & Discovery

Greek named after asteroid and the Greek goddess of wisdom

Discovered by William Hyde Wollaston

Fun Facts

1. Found while analyzing samples of platinum

2. Rare Element

3. Palladium-Chlorine was prescribed as a treatment for tuberculosis with not many bad side affects

4. Used in Dentistry, watch making, jewelry making, and making surgical instruments and electrical contacts

5. Used to purify hydrogen because hydrogen easily diffuses through palladium.

6. 's Iron Man's arc-reactor in his chest is slowly poisoning him from the reactors palladium.