The Diary of Anne Frank

Anne Frank

About Anne

Anne grew up Germany and had lived a happy life but when she was 13 she was sent into hiding with her family and with the Van Danns. She had to go into hiding because she was a Jew; Nazis killed the Jew back around 19040s. She had hard time hiding from the Nazis. She would have to be quiet and would not be able to do much of anything during the day not even go to the bath room. Anne frank would write about what she would do that day or how she felt and thus we have The Diary of Anne Frank. Sadly Anne did not make it the Nazis had found her; she had died a concentration camp at the age of 15.

Friends and Family is one key to happiness

The theme, having friends and family is one key to happiness is shown throughout The Diary of Anne Frank. Anne and her mother do not always see eye to eye, one night Anne was having a night mare she had woke the whole house up. Her mother was trying to confer her; Anne pushed her away asking for her father. Mr. Frank comes in, Anne explains that she feel she is always messing up alone with how she feel that she can only talk to him but her father comforts her saying it will be alright. he said” it’s fine to hear you tell me that you love me but I would be happier if you told your mother that” Even though Anne was scared and helpless her father came to help and comfort her through these hard times. Anne’s mother is always being pushed way from Anne but she still comes back to comfort her .Anne had a bad dream her mother was the first to come to Anne’s side trying to comfort her. Anne’s mother said “you’re safe, you see nothing has happen”. Her mother will always be there even if Anne does not want to see her. The times are getting hard in the small upstairs rooms. But Anne and peter are finding ways to stay strong. For instance Anne kisses peter for the first time. As he makes no move, she turns away. Then suddenly peter grabs her in his arms, kissing her cheek. Anne and peter are just trying to make it through this but just have a little fun.

family ,friends and courage

We must have courage no matter what the obstacle

The theme, we must have courage no matter what the obstacle is shown throughout The Diary of Anne Frank. Anne and her family have to stay in a little apartment to hide from the Nazis and always have to be quiet .Anne must have the courage to make it through the night because she explains “it the silence in the night that frightens me the most. It was a Hanukkah and every one was celebrating the out of no ware they hear a noise someone had broken in. He is about to blow out the candles out when suddenly there is a crash of something falling Mr. frank explains it was a thief. That noise must have scared him away. They would have had to have had a lot of courage to stay calm and quiet when the thief came. They have been seen and the Franks and Van Danns are on their way to the camps. Anne explains she is no longer a child, but a woman with courage to meet whatever lies ahead of her. Anne would have had to have courage to go to the camps and meet her death.

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In the book The Diary of Anne Frank, a diary represents Anne because she was all ways writing in a diary. She would write about how she felt and what it was like. Anne would talk about how she would go too pairs then write a book, the book would be a hit. One example of this is when Peter askes “what do you what to be when you get older. Anne reply with she would like to go to pairs and write.


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