Smoking: The real cost

By: Max, Rudy and Phoebe


Smoking has so many health impacts including: Staining the teeth, fingers turn yellow, wrinkles, gum infections, tooth loss, asthma attacks, irratated skin, damaged lungs. Smoking can also cause bigger problems like weakening the immune system.

1/5 americans die from smoking


Smoking has a big impact on sociciety. It's polluting trhe earth which means that the people who don't smoke will still get a second hand smoke. This will cause the non-smoker health issues. It's also polluting the ocean and environment. People throw their ciggarets on the ground or throw them out. the ciggarets that get thrown out will be put to the land fill or get into the ocean. It also effects the smoker's family because they will also get second hand smoke and if the smoker dies they will lose a source of income.