Math Empowers Grade 2

Middletown Township Public Schools

Second Grade: Third Trimester: 2017-2018

The school year is quickly wrapping up! In the last trimester, second graders are developing their conceptual understanding of metric measurement, learning to analyze and interpret data, plus exploring the world of geometry and fractions.

Considering fractions is the last Grade 2 topic, you may want to checkout the following lessons found in the “Getting Ready for Grade 3” section of your GO Math! Planning Guide.

Lesson 18: Fraction Models: Thirds & Sixths

Lesson 19: Fraction Models: Fourths & Eighths

Lesson 20: Compare Fraction Models

Giving students the opportunity to preview third grade material could prove to be academically beneficial.

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Looking for ways to engage students?

Which One Doesn't Belong? activities not only engage, they also, effectively promote mathematical discourse among students. Children tend to be captivated by the images as they analyze and search for reasons why an image is different from the others. More importantly, the quietest students develop confidence and become motivated to share their mathematical reasoning. Check out this amazing resource here or visit the website. Remember there are no answers provided as there are many different, correct ways of choosing which one doesn't belong. Enjoy!

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2018 Summer DreamBox Challenge

This Summer's DreamBox Challenge is all about GROWTH! The school with the highest GROWTH percentage will be the winner of the District DreamBox Championship Belt. In addition, incentives at each elementary school will also be awarded. (See your building Math Specialist for these details.) Just like READING, the hope is to avoid "The SUMMER SLIDE" and loss of important skills that were gained this year in second grade. Therefore, please encourage students to PERSEVERE through the tough lessons and GROW their brains this summer by participating in this beneficial activity.

Incorporate Growth Mindset into your summer reading list!

Changing the way we talk to our students is one step towards helping to reinforce the message of a growth mindset. Another is to read books to children with stories that convey a similar message. Click here for a list of fourteen books that let kids know it’s OK to not at first succeed, that failure and challenges can be viewed as opportunities rather than dead ends, and that determination often results in a far better outcome than being perfect.

Questions, concerns, resources to share? Contact:

Valerie DeMatteo

Elementary Mathematics Specialist

Harmony Elementary School