Parent Peek at the Week

Week of October 7th, 2019

In case you missed it.....

Important Dates (subject to a CUPE agreement)

Monday, October 7th - Day 4

  • 6:30pm - School Council Meeting

Tuesday, October 8th - Day 5

  • am - Mrs. Rees' class has their Penpal visitors at KH

Wednesday, October 9th - Day 1

  • all day - School Photo Day

Thursday, October 10th - Day 2

  • all day - KPREAA Cross Country Meet

Friday, October 11th - Day 3

Some important information for this week....

CUPE Strike

Obviously none of the "important dates" and information are as important as the weekend we are heading into. We are all keeping our fingers crossed that a resolution can be found between CUPE and the government. Please keep an eye on our school website, the Board website, Twitter and Instagram. We'll update any information we get, as soon as it's available. No news? No updates are yet available.

Please be reminded that should an agreement not be reached, Kawartha Heights P.S. will be closed to students on Monday.

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Parents of Year 1 Kindergarten Students....

Did you know....that following an eye exam with a participating optometrist, your child can qualify for a complementary pair of glasses? See the information below:

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Upcoming Dates to Keep in Mind...

NOTE: These are all listed on our Edsby calendar too!

October 7th - School Council Meeting

October 19th - KPR Parent Conference

October 28th - School-wide Headlice Check

October 31st - Rees' class to Outdoor Education

November 8th - Progress Reports are sent home

Just one more thing.....

We may be heading into some challenging and uncertain times, but we know that tough times show our true character. Below are a few life lessons that are always good to keep in mind, when modelling for our children.
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