Puritans affected American Society

MarcAnthony Murillo


The Puritans had a different form of community in New England. They're towns were structured in a different way, kind of like a circle shape so that everybody felt part of the community. They had “covenants” that blinded all residents in a religious and social commitment to unity and harmony, the towns reflected the spirit of the covenant. They had a very strong sense of community. This could have affected the American society by using some of those strategies and building houses the same structure as Puritans, they maybe had the same type of community or same ideas. The system of primogeniture was also something that affected the American society because some colonies adopted this system. The Puritans and their ideas mostly affected New England. A leading cause or reason that The Great Awakening happened was because of the Puritans and their orthodox ideas, and The Great Awakening affected American society.