Id, Ego and Superego

Id is mainly driven by the pleasure principle, if needs are not satisfied you will eventually end up feeling anxiety and tension. Id is the first component present at birth and is during the unconscious stage.
Ego has to do with dealing things in a realistic way and also develops from id. Ego makes sure that the impulses of id are appropriate for real world situations and tries to please id's desires but in appropriate ways. Ego functions on conscious, unconscious and precocious minds.
Superego is the last to develop and has to do with the sense of right and wrong. Superego has two parts to it and is the ideal ego and the conscious. The ideal ego has to do with standards, rules and good behavior. These three things normally make you feel proud, happy and the feeling of accomplishment when doing them. The conscious is things that are normally viewed as bad. Makes you feel guilt and remorse, often lead to consequences and punishments.

Why do we have ego defense mechanisms?

Ego defense mechanisms help depend our ego and often if people lack of ego defenses, use them at the wrong time, overuse them or not use them in an effective way may cuase life problems.


Denial is when people deny things that can be proven just so they don't have to say their wrong.
Example: A kid who eats a cookie that was not suppose to be eaten and the kids eats it but denies that he did it.
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Displacement is when a person takes out their anger on things or people who seem less aggressive or threatening.
Example: A angry 16 year old hitting a 10 year old to get his anger out on the 10 year old.
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Intellectual mechanism is trying to avoid thinking about emotional and stressful situations and try focusing more on intelligent things like thinking about the bright side of the situation.
Example: A group of people at a funeral that focus more on the details of the funeral than the feeling of sorrow.
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Rationalization is when trying to explain your behavior in a logical manner.
Example: Students receiving a consequence for having an unacceptable behavior while the teacher was gone.
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Suppression is when you you feel anger but you express it or take it out in an acceptable manner.
Example: Taking your anger out in a sport like boxing.
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