Romeo's fate (Internal Conflict)

By Sam FIsh


Overall of the play "Romeo and Juliet" Romeo had let his love for girls consume him. Basically, Romeo was having a bad day from a brake up and, a buddy of his convinced him to go to a ball and compare his loss to available girls. Once, Romeo was there he found a girl named Juliet and the both had romantic talk and stuff. Two days later Romeo and Juliet get married....?!? Right after the secrete wedding a buddy of Romeo and Juliet's cousin fight and Tybalt, the cousin, kills Romeos' friend on accident. So, goes for revenge and ends up being banished. also, Juliet is forced to marry this rich guy named Paris but she can't exactly say why so, she goes to Friar Laurence, the man that married Romeo and Juliet. The friar gave her a potion that will fake her death for 42 hours, so she goes home and drinks the potion. That morning her mom finds her and dies of a heart attack. Meanwhile, another buddy of Romeo races to where he is banished to inform him of Juliets death and, ends up passing a man that was to tell Romeo of the plan on Juliets fake death.


In the beginning of the play it states "Out of her favor where I am in love." (pg 999 line 178) Romeo is talking to Benvolio because Romeo is depressed because a girl named Rosaline didn't love him and that ruined his whole day.


In the play Romeo says "To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss." (pg 1016 line 105)