Gordon vs. Bryson

Bi-District Champs!!

Springtown @ 7:30pm

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Letter from Coach Kostiha

This past Friday the Horns defeated the Bryson Cowboys 54 – 36 in the bi-district championship. The Horns are now 11-0 and take on the Rochelle Hornets in the Area Round of the playoffs Friday night at 7:30 in Hamilton.

The Horns were led by Chase Mackey on offense who ran for 213 yards on 25 carries and four touchdowns. He was 5/7 passing with 62 yards and three touchdowns. On defense he had 17 tackles, one for loss, and one quarterback pressure, two caused fumbles, and three drive ending plays. Humberto Estrada the way on defense. He had 15 tackles, one tackle for loss, two pass break ups, one quarterback pressure, three hammer nominees, and one drive ending play. On offense he rushed for 27 yards on six carries and had four catches for 59 yards.

You can see flyers of these players, this week and every week, in town at the bank or the post office.

You can also keep up with us on Facebook – Gordon Longhorn Athletics.

This week the Longhorns play at Hamilton on Friday night against Rochelle.

Hook ‘em,

Joe Kostiha

Gordon Athletics

Player Stats Coming Soon

Twister Brown- passing 3-7 83 yds.

Defense- 6 tackles, 2 for loss, and 1 sack.

Chase Mackey- passing 5-7 62 yds. and 3 td, rushing, 25 att for 213 yds. and 4 tds.

Defense- 17 tackles, 1 for loss.

Humberto Estrada- Rushing 6 att for 27 yds. Receiving 4 catches for 59 yds.

Defense- 15 tackles

Edgar Rodea- rushing 13 att for 87 yds.

Defense-3 tackles

Matthew Stockstill- Receiving 1 catch for 23 yds. and a td.

Defense- 6 tackles

Emmanuel Rodriguez- defense 1 tackle

Tanner Jump- Receiving 1 catch for 9 yds and a td.

Collin Holmes- 2 catches for 54 yds.

Defense- 5 tackles.

Gordon Longhorn Roster

1 Brenden Hough; 9th; OL/LB; 5'9/140 lbs.
3 Humberto Estrada; 11th; RB/S; 5'10/170 lbs.
4 Sebastian Ponce; 9th; OL/DL; 5'9/250 lbs.
5 Camron Coffman; 9th; RB/S; 5'4/120 lbs.
6 Caleb Floyd; 9th; QB/S; 5'4/120 lbs.
7 Chase Mackey; 12th; RB/DL; 6'0/200 lbs.
8 Chase Crider; 9th; OL/DL; 5'9/170 lbs.
9 Tanner Jump; 11th; OL/DL; 6'1/205 lbs.
10 Brandon Savage; 10th; OL/LB; 6'0/155 lbs.
13 Jeremy Jorgensen; 12th; RB/LB/K; 6'0/195 lbs.

14 Drake Stockstill; 9th; RB/DL; 5'11/155 lbs.
15 Edgar Rodea; 10th; RB/DL; 5'6/205 lbs.
16 Hunter Jackson; 10th; OL/DL; 5'9/135 lbs.
20 Collin Holmes; 11th; RB/S; 6'3/165 lbs.
21 Matthew Stockstill; 12th; OL/DL; 6'1/215 lbs.
22 Tim Flores; 11th; OL/DL; 5'10/180 lbs.
24 Hunter Fuller; 11th OL/DL; 6'0/260 lbs.

32 Brandon Davis; 9th; OL/DL; 5'11/205 lbs.
34 Blaine Goen; 9th; E/LB; 5'10/165 lbs.
35 Emanuel Rodriguez; 12th; OL/DL; 6'0/205 lbs.
44 Caleb Butler; 11th; OL/DL; 6'0/170 lbs.
45 Julian Fraga; 9th; RB/S; 5'6/135 lbs.
60 Twister Brown; 12th; QB/OL/DL/K; 6'3/230 lbs.

Coaches: Head - Joe Kostiha / Clay Holland / Jerry Tomlin

Superintendent: Eric Hough Principal: Holly Campbell

Managers: Brandon Mahan / Hoss Rouse / Hunter Peterson / Jose Estrada / Logan Lantrip / Morgan Mahan / Blake Johnson / Cassidy Barfield

Cheerleaders: Hope Rouse *Captain / Chelsea Mowles / Lindsey Crudgington / Sarah Leggett / Lexi Summerhill / Brianna Young / Sierra Jackson / Hailee Ratliff

Lady Kickers: Peyton Witt *Captain / Vanessa Grisso / Kila Winn / Jessica Martinez

Mascot: Brailee Yandell Sponsors: Holly Campbell / Whitney Holland