All About Me

By: Allison Penley


When coming to Discovery I went to Mill creek. Yay~

Not everyone knows this little thing about me.


I have a sorta complicated family. My family is everywhere, meaning different places in the country. The ones that I usually visit the most is the bunch of hicks that live in West Virginia. My mom's brother and his wife and his wife's family as well as their three kids. They are one big hick family. Then in my regular family I have 6 brothers. 1 real brother, 2 half brothers and 3 step brothers. Then I lived with 5 out of the 6 brothers what a fun childhood for the youngest girl of all the 5 brothers.


In my freshman year I had went to New York and that's the farthest north I've went and Florida is the farthest i went south. I've only been to Tennessee and pass through Kentucky and Virginia on my way to places. Soon i wish to travel farther like Japan for Asian Studdies in College.


My Anime journey started between 6th and 7th grade summer where I watched my first real series of anime, Dragon Ball, Z, GT, and all the movies. That's what started my Anime obsession and now I am the President of the Anime Club. I recently started to travel and go to cons, Ichiban con is the first actual con I've been to. You meet new people and everyone is so nice.


I have an alright experience with science and I had thought science really was fun but i skipped a year and well i forgot everything.