HJHS Weekend Update

November 15, 2015

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Thanksgiving Week! I think this is the perfect week to recognize some of the many blessings and success we have in our school! We will have drawings for prizes for students who had perfect attendance the first nine weeks. I have tickets for free ice cream for students who earned all As/Bs in academic classes. Friday we are hosting a lunch for almost 100 students who received all As on their report cards in their academic classes. We spend a lot of our days and time focusing on things that are not going right, not meeting our expectations. This week we are going to spotlight and give thanks for the many, many students who are moving in positive directions and making academic achievement a priority!

Finally, let me say to you - THANK YOU! Thank you for all you are doing to make our school a community. Mrs. Finley dropped by the building Tuesday and visited classes and even witnessed a class change. Her comment today at the principals meeting went something like this: "your school has gone through tremendous changes, challenges. I saw incredible teaching, the teachers and students are coming together. It is a new community." Her words were about you! Your dedication, grit, and determination for our students. Thank you! Thank you for not giving up on them! Thank you for continuously looking for ways to reach all kids! Thank you for having high expectations for all kids! Thank you for caring for your students! Thank you for caring for each other! Thank you for working together for the good for our students! Have a wonderful week of learning for yourself and your students!


Upcoming Events and Notes for this week at HJHS!

Monday, November 16: Progress Reports Go Home (back to homeroom at 2:55)

Wednesday, November 18: PST Meetings. Remember this is your opportunity to DISCUSS strategies that are working/not working with individual students. Help each other!

Thursday, November 19: HJHS vs. Challenger @ 3:30 (away)

Friday, November 20: All As Honors lunch during 5th period. Watch your email for a list of students who will miss 5th period on Friday. Celebrate these kids and try to encourage others! We will do this each nine weeks!

Next Week....


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So What? Now What?

Advisory/Literacy Period!

So sometimes you don't like the literacy lesson or sometimes you finish before a new lesson is ready, now what are you going to do?

For 30 minutes twice a week, we are asking you to CONNECT with students to ENCOURAGE reading & writing & improving culture for HJHS! IT IS NOT AN EXTRA PLANNING PERIOD! This is an instructional time. Each educator in the building should be working with kids! Each group is at a different instructional level. Find strategies and materials that HELP YOUR group! If you need assistance reach out to Mrs. Miller or Mr. Moore for ideas and reading/writing strategies or to Mrs. Bell for character development exercises. Sometimes you can even ask the kids about what they would like to read and discuss - how can we make our school a better place for everyone is always a great topic! If you have all boys, ask them to research something about athletes. If you have girls, ask them to google job opportunities for women in 2021. Use your imagination and model an interest for expanding your own learning by researching and leading discussing with students. USE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO BUILD RELATIONSHIPS AND ENCOURAGE LITERACY, IT IS NOT AN EXTRA PLANNING PERIOD! Each teacher should be interacting with students during the advisory/literacy time! Again if you need assistance with what you can or should be doing - ask! We do not want this hour a week to be a burden but rather an opportunity for growth of our community through reading!

Important Conversations!! The importance of grades as a reflection of comprehension not communication.

As we reflect on the grades our students have on their progress reports this week, I ask you to consider the following:

Does the grade on the progress report reflect, how much they know or how hard they worked?

Does the grade reflect the mastery of standards or the level of compliance in your classroom?

Do the grades of your students reflect their learning or their circumstance?

As you meet this week as Problem Solving Teams (PST), I encourage you to discuss how you shift practice in your classrooms to engage and encourage all learners. Discuss how your peers are using the HCS Grading Philosophy to encourage learning from all students. Ask your peers how they are meeting the needs of the variety of learners in each classroom. Use this time to discuss the needs of the kids. Finishing quickly In your meeting does not mean you have accomplished the task. The task is to take time to look at each student and why he/she is struggling and discuss what we as educators can do differently. If the kids will not change, then we must. Our goal is increased learning for all kids. So what is the task, identifying the needs of the individual student and helping them reach their potential. Thank you for examining your efforts to improve your practice to make each student successful!

Substitute Notebooks - Monday, November 30

Everyone needs to have a designated Substitute Notebook. In the notebook you should have no less than the following:
1. class rolls/seating charts
2. general class procedures and the bell schedules
3. contact numbers (front office, admin, etc..)
4. 5 days emergency lesson plans - detailed and ready to go.

We have had a couple of occasions this year when subs entered the classroom without any materials at all because the teacher did not know they were going to miss. This is a recipe for disaster! I recommend you not only have plans but you share the plans with another teacher who could help if necessary.



  • Monday, November 16: 2nd Nine Weeks Progress Reports Go Home

  • Wednesday, November 18: PST meetings after school

  • Monday, November 30: Substitute Notebooks Required
  • Thursday, November 12: Basketball HJHS vs. Challenger 3:30 (away)
  • Thursday, December 1: Basketball HJHS vs. Westlawn 3:30 (away)
  • Wednesday, December 2: PST meetings after school

  • Thursday, December 3: Basketball HJHS vs. McNair 3:30 (home)
  • Friday, December 4 - Saturday, December 5: Basketball Ed Nulter Christmas Invitiational
  • Wednesday, December 9: Faculty Meeting

  • December 10 - 16: SchoolNet Benchmark Assessments

  • Sunday, December 13: Band Concert at 2:00
  • Monday, December 14: Holiday Choir Concert at Lee High @ 7:00

  • January 5 - 11: STAR Winter Benchmark

  • Wednesday, January 6: PST meetings after school

  • Monday, January 11: 2nd Nine Weeks Report Cards Go Home.
  • Wednesday, January 13: Faculty Meeting

  • February 1 - April 1: ACCESS for ELLs and Alternate ACCESS for ELLs

  • Wednesday, February 3: Faculty Meeting

  • Monday, February 8: 3rd Nine Weeks Progress Reports Go Home
  • Monday, February 8 - Tuesday, February 9: Choir State Solo & Ensemble Festival

  • Wednesday, February 10: PST meetings after school

  • February 29 - March 4: SchoolNet Benchmark Assessments

  • Thursday, March 3 - Friday, March 4: State Choral Festival

  • Wednesday, March 2: Faculty Meeting

  • Friday, March 4: End of the 3rd Nine Weeks
  • Wednesday, March 9: PST meetings after school

  • Monday, March 14: 3rd Nine Weeks Report Cards Go Home.
  • Monday, April 4 - Tuesday, April 5: State Choral Performance Assessment

  • Wednesday, April 13: Faculty Meeting

  • Thursday, April 14 - Sunday, April 17: Advanced Choir Trip to New York

  • Monday, April 18: 4th Nine Weeks Progress Reports Go Home
  • April 18 - 27: STAR Spring Benchmark

  • Wednesday, April 20: PST meetings after school

  • April 28 - May 13: ACT End of Course Tests (Algebra I and Geometry)

  • May 2 - 13: ACT Aspire

  • Wednesday, May 4: Faculty Meeting

  • Wednesday, May 11: PST meetings after school