Steps For Division

Helpful steps for division

Use the steps DMSBDR

If you have a number with a decimal bring it up to the top of your "house".

1.Set up your house with your divisor outside and dividend/whole on the inside.

2. Divide your divisor by your whole/dividend. (See how many times the divisor goes into the dividend.)

3. How ever many times your divisor goes into your dividend then multiply you divisor by how many times it goes into the dividend. EXAMPLE:33)2306. 33 can not go into 2 or 23 but it can go into 230. You can underline it so you know.

4. After you get your product, subtract it by your dividend and put your answer where you would in a subtraction problem.

5. Bring down the next number in your dividend next to your subtraction answer, in this case 6.

6. Repeat the steps over and over until you have no numbers to bring down. (The answer you get when you subtract is your "new dividend"). Also, put your numbers that you multiply with above the "house".

7. When you subtract the last time and you can not fit your divisor into that number anymore you have a choice.

You have the choice to have a remainder or get a decimal as your answer.

8. For your remainder, whatever you have after you subtract and your divisor can't fit into that number anymore just put R . The is whatever your remainder is. Your other choice is the decimal. You need to add a decimal after your dividend and your answer. Then you need to add zeros only after your DIVIDEND. Proceed to to bring down as many zeros as you need to until your divisor goes in evenly with your subtraction. If you already have a decimal than don't put one and still add zeros. (Only fifth grade math so no repeating!!!)

9. This step is optional. This will be your check. To check, multiply your divisor by your answer and you should get your dividend.

I hope these steps helped you!

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