To Love Life and Friends and Family

Nathan Heckart

My life


Diane, Rick Heckart Connie, Bill Wilkening Julie, Scott Heckart

  1. Scott Heckart 1. Jody Wilkening 1. Kayla Heckart
  2. Stace Heckart 2. Steve Wilkening 2. Ryan Heckart
  3. Shad Heckart 3. Julie Wilkening 3. Alli Heckart 4. Jennifer Wilkening 4. Nathan Heckart

Living in farson

Living in Farson I went to Pekin for school. I knew almost every body in my class. I grew up with a whole lot of dogs with my family. My parents taught "To Love Life and Friends and Family." I went to church with my Parents and Grandma every sunday. In the winter time we had huge snowball fights. I lived in a 100 year old house. I lived at a farmhouse it was a brick house.


I learned to play baseball on Hedrick T-ball team. Baseball is my favorite sport and i'm still playing baseball on the Norwalk team and on the Norwalk Lighting traveling team. I grew up liking the Chicago bears. I played middle school football on the team as the defensive linemen #75. I wrestle in the winter time. I started at Pekin then when we moved I kept all my sports with me from Pekin to Norwalk


First year of living a full year in norwalk I made a whole lot of friends. I was in Band playing trombone. I was in honor choir. After that school year it was time to go to middle school. 6th grade I played for the Norwalk Vikings little league football team. I played baseball for the Norwalk Nitro. In 7th Grade it was time for school sports in football I was an Offensive Lineman #75. I made Opus in Choir and so I got to go to ISU and I got to sing in their auditorium. Wrestling then came around the corner and went really good. After wrestling I made the school musical and was one of the main parts. Baseball time for Norwalk baseball great I pitched more as a relief/closer main pitch was a cutter. I also played first base. 8th grade I really got excited for sports and choir so far football went by I was Defensive Lineman #75. I got notified about a month ago that i was accepted to Opus again. We just started wrestling. I still have a lot to look forward to for baseball that comes around in a little bit.


My favorite comic book superhero is Moon Knight. Favorite baseball team is New York Yankees. I have 1 older brother and 2 older sisters. I have a shiba inu.
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