Forgetting Why We Forget?

By: Zubair Sarwar

Why I chose this topic?

The reason why i choses this topic is because i thought that the topic seemed interesting and i wanted to learn more about it. The disease happens when a victim starts forgetting things and has a hard time remembering things that they remembered before.

So i wanted to learn more about the disease because the topic said 'Forgetting why we Forget' This research will help me by making me understand better of what people with the disease are going through. As well as for others this will show them what Alzheimer's and the general reason is for us to forget things.

Explanation of The reason we forget things.

Alzheimer's disease is all dealing with the victims mind and their brain. Alzheimer's disease is a type of disease where you have problems with your memory thinking and behavior. The disease itself develops very slowly and gets even worse over time. It is not a normal part of aging and effects elders more than young people.

As well as in general their are many reasons why we forget things such as, retrieval failure which you feel that the information that you already had is gone, the inability of retrieving memory is the most common reason that we forget things. There is a theory known as the Decay Theory, this theory states that overtime while we obtain more information and transform it into memory the memory that was there before starts to go away it is known as (Decaying from the Brain). Sometimes our own brains can fail at storing and keeping information in them. This is called the 'Failure to Store" Theory.

Brain Questions

What is going on in the brain at this time?

At this time the brain is aging as we are aging and it can store information still but it still forgets a lot of the memory you had when you might have been younger.

What parts of the brain are being used?

The hippocampus is the part of the brain that stores most of the memory.

What parts of the brain are failing?

The part of the brain that is failing the most is the hippocampus because it stores majority of your memory.

The Research and Psycologist

"Memory is the process of obtaining information over time" (Matlin, 2005)

" Memory is the means by which we draw our past experiences in order to use this information in the present" (Sternberg, 1999).

Interesting Facts

The hippocampus is the part of our brains that is responsible for memory, forming, organization, and storing.

The hippocampus is located in the middle of the brain next to the hypothalamus.

The human brain is like a computer that can store a lot of information.

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