Golden Eagle Newsletter

April 6, 2023

Principal's Message

I certainly hope you all enjoy the 4-day weekend with family! While we are only a few days from Easter, it's not too early to think of the next holiday: EARTH DAY.

I wanted to share a note from Tammy Potts regarding Earth Day volunteers that are needed:

We need volunteers for the community wide celebration of the Basehor Earth Day. This annual event dresses you in a high vis vest, complete with trash bags, and disposable gloves. We gather in the parking lot of the First Baptist Church of Basehor (near the water tower), and split up into teams. The Basehor VFW has complimentary breakfast burritos to rev your volunteer engines, and we will gather for a group photo before we head out. There'll be a team leader in each group. We'll go over safety rules. The kind folks at Perky's will nourish us with gooey biscuits on our return from our morning of litter pickup.

There'll be first, second and third place judging for teams who find the coolest of trash. Keep your eyes open!

Any questions, please ask!


Tammy Potts
Director, Basehor-Linwood Mentors and CareCats
Basehor-Linwood Virtual School, academic support

Mentor Kansas Advisory Council

A note regarding yearbooks:

For those who have not yet ordered a yearbook but would like to purchase one - please do not go online to pay for a yearbook. This does not secure the yearbook for your child since the deadline to order has passed. To secure a yearbook, please send $15.00 cash in an envelope with your child's name on it and teacher's name. The remaining extra yearbooks we have will be sold on a first come, first serve basis until they are gone.

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GRE events for the week of April 10, 2023

Monday, April 10 - NO SCHOOL; PD and Collaboration

6:00 BOE meeting

Tuesday, April 11

Kindergarten Round-up

Wednesday, April 12

Kindergarten Round-up

5th grade KAP Science

4th grade KAP ELA testing

Thursday, April 13

Mr. Patrick visits GRE

5th grade KAP Science

4th grade KAP ELA testing

3rd grade KAP ELA testing

Friday, April 14

3rd grade KAP ELA testing

3:45 - Bricks4Kids (for those enrolled)

Upcoming Events:

April 18-19 - 3rd grade KAP Math, 5th grade KAP Math

April 20-21 - 4th grade KAP Math

April 21 - Bobcat Shop

April 24 - Site Council & PTO meetings

April 24-28 KAP make-up testing

April 28 - Eagles Nests

May 1-12 MAP testing

May 2 - Incoming 6th Grade Parent Night-BLMS

May 3 - 3rd grade field trip

May 4 - 5th grade field trip

May 8 - BOE meeting

May 11 - Kindergarten field trip

May 12 - 2nd grade field trip, 4th grade field trip

May 15 - PTO meeting

May 17 - GRE Field Day

May 18 - GRE Field Day (rainout date)

May 19 - GRE Family Picnic & Firetruck fun

May 23 - 5th grade celebration

May 24 - GRE Family Picnic & Firetruck fun (rainout date)

May 26 - last day of school (1/2 day)

To all parents who chose to opt-in to our social-emotional assessment

Dear Parent/Guardian:

As you know, we are committed to supporting all students’ academic, social, and emotional learning. Part of this work involves teaching social and emotional competencies—the everyday skills students need to interact positively with others and to participate successfully in school.

Social and emotional competencies include things like picking up on how other people are feeling, understanding other points of view, resolving social conflicts, and managing emotions. Among their many benefits, these competencies help students do better academically—in fact, social and emotional learning programs are associated with academic test scores and help develop employability skills.

With competencies such as math and reading, assessments help guide what and how we teach, and give us insight into how well students are learning. For the same reasons, students complete the Social and Emotional Competence Survey, a brief survey, in which students rate how frequently they engage in behaviors reflecting social and emotional competence.

The Social and Emotional Competence Survey provides information about how well children are able to use important social-emotional skills. In addition to this survey, there are many other ways of ascertaining student social-emotional skill level, including parent, teacher, and peer assessments and school records, that can and should be considered in conjunction with survey data to develop a holistic view of student social-emotional strengths and needs. The Social and Emotional Competence Survey is a teaching tool we use to do the best work we can with all our students.

A summary of your student’s performance on SELweb survey results during the winter of the 2022-23 school year can be found in your student’s portfolio in Skyward. The portfolio is accessed by logging into Skyward and choosing “Student Portfolio” from the menu on the left. The results will be labeled as SEL Survey - Winter 2022. We ask that you review your student’s report so we can collaborate with you to continue nurturing your student’s growth. Within the report you will also find a guide to help interpret your student’s scores.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jess Zimmerschied, Counselor, by email at


The Basehor-Linwood CARE Team


We would like to wish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the following students and staff!

Mrs. Shue - April 6

Charley Bebermeyer - April 7

Derek Alba-Hernandez - April 9

Riley Rickson - April 9

Ms. Angell - April 9

Remy Falconer - April 10

Oakley Mulich - April 11

Raziel Roberts - April 11

Ms. Chesney - April 12

Korbin Henry - April 13

2nd Grade Science

Over the last couple of weeks, 2nd grade students chose and researched an animal. They created a poster presentation which included various facts about the animal, including things such as the habitat they can be found, the types of food they eat, and their classification. Last week, they participated in a “jigsaw” and were able to present their learning to their classmates in a small group setting.

Friday Friendly ELA Tip - Asking Questions & Making Predictions

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