UoG-SBCS International Partnership

April Staff Development workshops - Open to all SBCS staff

April 13th -16th 2016


As part of a visit by members of the Educational Development Unit of The University of Greenwich (UoG) to SBCS in April 2016 we will be offering a series of continuing professional development (CPD) sessions to colleagues at SBCS and staff from local secondary schools or other educational institutions. Please email Linda Lee A Ping to reserve a space at one or more of the sessions below at CAA@sbcs.edu.tt

We will also be available for information sessions for those at SBCS interested in the PGCert HE, which is currently in its second year. Times are set out below.

CPD workshops

Assessment and feedback: what works and what else could we try?

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There's an interesting contrast wherever you go in the world between what we know is good practice in assessment and feedback (from the research and from experience) and what we do on a day to day basis. This session will be an opportunity to explore some of the issues that are likely to be shared in Trinidadian and UK contexts and consider good practice ideas, innovations and possible impediments to implementation.

When: Wednesday 13th April 2016 18.30-19.30

Where: SBCS Champs Fleur Campus Room: U10

Using technology to flip and engage your class

This session will start with a swift tour through a range of free internet (or "cloud") based tools that can be a real blessing for a busy teacher. It will then look at some of the principles and and approaches that use of technology can make easier such as 'flipping' and 'blending'.

When: Thursday 14th April 2016 17.00-18.30

Where: SBCS Champs Fleur Campus Room: U10

Student engagement: obstacles and strategies

This session aims to help to identify potential obstacles to student engagement and strategies to promote engagement, in the context of how engagement is being defined and addressed in the HE sector. It is a highly participatory and active session that will refer to both local experience and wider pedagogic research and practice within HE.

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When: Saturday 16th April 2016 14:45-15:45

Where: SBCS Champs Fleur Campus Room: U10/11

Information sessions

Higher Education Teacher Training online programme with UoG

Did you know that there are 11 SBCS lecturers currently studying for Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education at the University of Greenwich and that 18 have already secured the qualification? Successful completion of this qualification also secures Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy. This online, part-time programme is designed with HE lecturers in mind and is delivered to both UK and international participants using a range of technologies. We reflect on current practice, look at what the research says and discuss innovations in pedagogy and practice. It's an exciting programme that includes plenty of opportunity to consider your own practice. We will be holding information sessions at the following times:

Wednesday 13th April 2016

4pm- 4.45pm Room: To be confirmed

Thursday 14th April 2016

12noon- 1pm Room: To be confirmed

Meeting with Mentors

Current mentors please come do come and chat with us after any of the sessions or in U10 from 3.30 on Thursday 14th to talk through this year's experiences, TPAs or anything else.
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