Environmental Study Project

Zachary Bevington, 3rd Period, Ms. Kibbey


Residents: In my community a lot of people like football and baseball.And that in there house and in my house our house is clean and the community keeps their rooms clean.Also my friends like shoes and they have a lot of clothes and they like to keep their shoes nice and clean.


History: Orlando is a nice place that the temperature its is mostly 85 degrees or higher everyday. Orlando dates back in around the 1800’s when the seminole wars took place in Florida. The native americans were fighting over the british when they came and took over their territory. Most of them were forced to move north to Oklahoma where it is tornado alley.

Natural Disasters

Natural Disaster: The chances of earthquake damage in Orlando is about the same as Florida average and is much less than the national average. The risk of tornado damage in Orlando is greater than Florida average and is much higher than the national average. An adverse event will not rise to the level of a disaster if it occurs in an area without weak things In a vulnerable area, and such as San Francisco, an earthquake can destroy a lot of things and leave damage forever, requiring years to fix. Natural disasters can destroy not only the environment but the lives of humans.

Natural Disaster Preparedness List:

  1. If a natural disaster occurs you prepare by having food set aside along with clothes so you can go somewhere safe during the Disaster.

  2. If need to prepare for a natural disaster you can practice hiding under strong things that will protect you if a roof collapses and stuff falls on you.

  3. You can prepare for natural disaster by always alerting others just in case they can help you.

  4. More ways to prepare for natural disasters are to keep an eye on the news especially if you are dealing with an earthquake, hurricane, tornado, a winter storm, a heat wave/heat storm.

  5. Be sure to pack long and short sleeve shirts, a pair of shorts, a pair of jeans, good walking shoes and socks, and a wind-breaker rain jacket. Additional items can be added/removed according to the season and type of potential


Weather: The weather is often storming and on summer in super hot the weather in orlando is very tropical. Some times its raining but its hot and when its sunny outside it is very cold. So some people don’t like orlando because of the tropical weather.


Wildlife: The wildlife around my community is that there is not a lot of animal around where i live. The only animal that you will see a lot are lizards, frogs and snakes that is mostly it. But the way that these animals help my community are when these 3 animal see other little animal they will eat them. Like for example mouse, rats, bugs and cockroach. That’s why there isn’t a whole lot of animal in my community. But the way it harms my community is that there is so much lizards frogs and snake. Then there is so little of what they eat. So they die, but then what they eat will be more so they will go in house and stuff.