Elisha Graves Otis

Invented the elevator

Elisha Graves Otis

Elisha Otis was born August 3,1811 in Halifax,Vermont and died April 8,1861.

Where and when he was born.

He was born August 3,1811 in Halifax,Vermont.

Elisha Otis's kids

Elisha Otis had 2 kids. Their names are Charles and Norton Otis. This picture shows Charles and Norton at a young age.

How did they help our society?

The company that Elisha Otis created is still in operation, but under a different name. Not only did he allow the elevator to cause construction of skyscraper, but also elevators affected. It helped evolve and expand the urban landscape.

What did I learn about Elisha Otis?

I learned that Elisha Otis invented the elevator and he would try it before he told anyone that it was safe to use.

My Concluding Sentence

I'm so glad that I pick Elisha Otis because I've always wanted toknow more about who and when was the elevator was invented.

fun Fact

Elisha Otis was known best as "THE ELEVAOR INVENTOR."