Spotted Hyena

By: Jack Schoenrock


Hee! Hee! Hee! Don't be afraid, it's just the spotted hyena using a form of body language. Do you think that's cool? If you do follow me through the grasslands, open savanna and plains. I'll show you and give you a lot more awesome facts about the one and only SPOTTED HYENA!!! So have fun.

Appearance & Classification

The spotted hyena is an amazing mammal. First of all the spotted hyena's size is 3 to 5 feet long and about the size of a pet dog. They are 100 to 150 pounds. That's cool. The spotted hyena is 2 to 3 feet high at the shoulders. The colors of the spotted hyena are black spots, a brownish head, and either a tan or a yellowish-orange body. Their skin cover is spotted fur. I wish I could just hold it and rub it's fur. An interesting body feature about them is they're famous for their cackling laugh-like scream.

Habitat Information

The spotted hyena lives mostly in Africa. The climate where the spotted hyena lives in is hot and dry. It doesn't rain for months. Imagine living in a place with that little rain fall? That would be crazy! Their home is in the open savanna, plains and grassland.

Preditor & Prey

The spotted hyena's predators (or animals that eat them) are lions, leopards, and crocodiles. They protect themselves by simply attacking. They do have very sharp teeth and are fierce carnivores. If you want to feed a spotted hyena give it mainly wildebeest, monkeys, or birds. Did you know the spotted hyena finds it's food by ether stealing other animals kill, hunting alone, or hunting in a group? The hyenas are like the vultures of the land.

Fascinating facts

#1 The spotted hyena has longer front legs than back legs.

#2 This awesome animal is remarkably smart.

#3 If you look at it closely the spotted hyena you will see it is the largest hyena of all four types.

#4 People used to think that hyena's where related to witchcraft activity.

#5 Spotted hyena's group in clans (or packs) with the den of the clan generally being in the center of there territory.




So, did you learn a lot about the spotted hyena? I sure did. Thank you for reading my research and I hope enjoyed it. Whoop! Huh, if I where a hyena I'd be going to see who whooped, where they whooped, and why. Bye!