The Golden Sandal Middle-East

By: Rebecca Hickox and Will Hillenbrand


In the story the Golden Sandal. Maha really likes this lady, she is really nice. When here mom died Maha kept asking her dad if he can marry her. He said something bad will end up happening. The stepmother got jealous of Maha. So she made Maha do all of the hard work. Her daughter did barley anything. The dad did not know because he was always fishing. So he never knew that she was doing all of the dirty work. One day Maha went to go get the fish and she let one back in the water, the stepmother got really mad. They had a festival an all Maha could do is help them get ready. The fish gave Maha a really nice gown. She was by the prince, the stepmother and her stepsister. Who were thinking of who she was. Maha started running and her gold sandal fell in the lake. The next day the prince was walking past the lake and saw the sandal. The prince wanted to return her sandal to it's owner. He went to every house to see whom it fit to, when he arrived at Maha's house they locked her in her room and didn't let her out. Fortunately she got out and the sandal fit perfectly, they ended up getting maried. The end