Lawrence Onward #4

Update from July 31, 2020

New York State Education Department Delays Plan Submission

This week the New York State Education Department extended the date for Districts to submit their reopening plans. Plans are now due August 7th which is in line with the expected announcement from the Governor directing school districts on which model they can open under. Please know that all members of Lawrence staff are working on every aspect of the plan to ensure the safest learning environments for our children. We are grateful to the administration, teachers, community and support staff for adding their expertise to this difficult task.
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Thank You for Participating in the Survey

The survey sent out by the reopening committee received responses from 58% of public school families. The results showed mixed level of comfort with each of the three instructional models required by the State. At the current time, we are awaiting guidance if a fully remote model can be offered. With social distancing guidelines in place, a full in-person model is very unlikely to be announced by the Governor. Further information on the hybrid model ( mix of live in- person and remote) will be released shortly.

In Person Instruction Results

28% very Comfortable, 36% not at all comfortable
This model would only be able to be implemented if guidance changes on socially distancing requirements.
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Hybrid Instruction ( Remote and Live)

23% very comfortable, 32% not comfortable

This new model required by the state combines instructional methods and maintains social distancing in the school buildings.

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Full Remote Instruction ( Distance Learning)

39% very comfortable, 26% not comfortable

Changes to the way in which remote instruction took place in the spring would take place using a full remote model.

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Comfort Level by Model

The graph below looks at all responses by comfort level and instructional delivery method.
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Busing Comfort Level Questions

The guidelines for social distancing on a school bus are one of the many challenges in the planning process. At a six foot distance, a full size school bus can only fit eleven students. Further information on busing will be sent. In the graphs below blue indicates yes.
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Summer Learning Taking Place

Lawrence is committed to educational excellence and allowing each and every learner to reach for success. We are proud of the 111 students who are taking place in the summer virtual credit recovery program. On time graduation requires students to pass their classes and regent exams. This program will allow these students to stay on the path to an on time graduation! Need to recover credits? Email
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Fast ForWord Reading Remediation

Reading on grade level is vital to academic success. As such, Lawrence began a new reading program to support learners that were below grade level performance. Under the direction of our teachers, these learners are participating virtually on their District Chromebooks. Keep Reading !
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Keep your Skills Up during the Summer

Lawrence has extended the licenses for district programs in reading and math for the summer months. We encourage daily sign in to the Myon reading accounts and IXL math program. Daily work in reading and math on your Chromebooks will keep you prepared for the new school year, whichever model of instruction takes place.

Stay in good academic shape during these difficult times.

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Dr. Ann Pedersen

Superintendent of Schools