The War of 1812 Who Started It?

Was it The Americans?

In the 1800's American took advantage of the war between France and England to sell supplies and good to both of the nations. The Brititsh didnt like the fact that America was helping supply their enemy so they decided to seize the Americans trade vessels.

Did The British Have The Right?

After the British seized the American ships they started to attack American ships and imprison the sailors. They would capture the American sailors and force them to work on the British ships as slaves. They would do this to both naval and merchant vessels.

Native Americans Were Also in on it

During the risisng tension during the early stages of the War of 1812 the British government decided that instead of fighting the Americans head on they should just encourage the long time enemies of the american colonists, the native americans.

British Fire on Innocent American Ship

The british ship HMS Leopard was out looking for deserters of the royal navy. They approached the ship USS Chesapeake. The captain of the Leopard demanded to board the american ship. They refused and the british fired a full broadside on the unprepared american ship.4 americans were killed and 17 were wounded. They found the deserters and then hung on of them. The American frigate did make it back to port safely but the attack caused public outrage among the colonists