Woodrow Wilson

from Governer to president

Early Life

Thomas Woodrow Wilson was the governor of New Jersey.

He was President of Princenton.

He also a teacher.

Thomas also graduated collage.

What makes them progressive

Thomas passed legations.

He tried to keep us out of world war one.

He got ride of monopoly's.

Put the government in charge.

Thomas stopped big business that were illegal and unfair.

Helped farmers with loans.

Democrat to President

Woodrow Wilson came up with great ideas.

  1. Help break up monopolies.
  2. Tried to not get us into World War One.
  3. Gave woman the chance to vote.
  4. Had the people vote on who`s would run for senate.
  5. He also helped the less of selling alcohol.
  6. He also wanted fair composition. So he shut down unfair and illegal business.

Why i chose this person

I chose Woodrow Wilson because he seemed fun to do.

I also picked him because i once went to his house, so i knew a little bit about him.

Another example is that he was the president of the united states.