Kindergarten News

March 10, 2017

Learning Intentions

Writing Workshop

As writers we can use transition words, bold words and words in all caps in our How To writing.

Reading Workshop

As readers we can read known and unknown words using various strategies.

Adding endings to words

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Reviewing Word Wall Words

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Shared Reading

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Math Workshop

As Mathematicians we can measure the length of objects.

Math Workstations

Science/Social Studies

As Social Scientists, we can share about our field experience and about world happenings shared in the Scholastic News.

Reflection/Sharing about Camp Discovery

Field Trip: Camp Discovery

Book Buddies Visit


Monday is Library Day!

Tag Checklists are due in two weeks!

Return your child's Rockin' Reader log and the Environmental Scientist log. Students should complete 5 Environmental Science activities and send in at least 3 "projects" to show their classmates.

Princess Ball is Friday, March 10th.

If your daughter attends the Princess Ball, please send us at least one picture of her all dressed up. We would love to see them!