NEWSLETTER - May 26th 2023

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There is a new research paper recently published by ERO on attendance. Here is the link to the full article.

I wanted to take an aspect out of it to share with our CTS whanau. They found that parental attitudes mattered a lot….

We know that four in 10 parents (41 percent) are comfortable with their child missing a week or more of school a term. This really matters for attendance. Parents who are comfortable with their child missing a week or more of school per term are more than twice as likely to have a child who doesn’t regularly attend school (61 percent), compared to those parents who are not comfortable with their child missing a week or more of school (27 percent). Regularly attending is missing less than a week of school a term, not regularly attending is missing a week or more of school a term.

Ask yourself this question?

Are you comfortable that your child is missing a week or more of school per term?

If the answer is yes then you need to realise that your attitude is having a negative impact on your child’s attendance and in turn their achievement and future life choices.

If there are specific reasons that you are keeping your child at home for more than a week per term and you would like to discuss them further then please arrange to meet with your child’s class teacher in the first instance or Miss Howieson. We all need to work together to ensure that we do the very best for our tamariki. Hopefully the excitement of the production will keep students keen to attend and be part of something fabulous. Let’s get everyone over the 90%.

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Reminder that this is our current drug and policy procedure at CTS

Like many other NZ Secondary Schools, we receive reports that some of our students may be bringing contraband including illegal substances into our school. We thought it was timely that we offer you assurance we continue to do our best to keep our school a safe learning environment for all students.

We investigate every notification we receive within a timely manner. We endeavour to work closely with families and our local community police service and other related services to support whānau.

Our school is governed by policy and procedures and these are available to our community including our drug and alcohol procedure included for your information.

Our school, it’s staff and parent community have a shared duty of care to ensure the safety of all our students and this includes following our legislative requirements. Our core task is to educate, and with your ongoing support we can continue to concentrate our time and energy on teaching and learning here at CTS.

Parent Reading Information Afternoon

Kia Ora whānau

Please keep Friday 9th June from 11.00 a.m. - 1.00 p.m. free to come along to CTS for a Reading Information session, which will cover all our class levels from New Entrants through to Year 13. More details to follow next week:

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Taiho Mai - Be Seen Day

This campaign is part of the road safety initiatives by the Let’s Go, New Plymouth District Council.

Messages to talk about at home:

1. Be seen Tīaho mai Wear bright colours and use bike lights when out walking and riding. It could be the difference in being seen by others, or not.

2. Look twice Titiro, titiro anō When you scan the road quickly, your brain only picks up what it is expecting to see. Take a second look.

3. Slow down Whakapōturi and share the road Show courtesy and respect to all road users.

4. Make good decisions Kōwhiria te whiringa pai When crossing the road. Never assume you have been seen.

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Pink Shirt Day

On Friday 19 May 2023, Aotearoa became a sea of pink as schools, workplaces and communities joined the Pink Shirt Day movement.

Our kura took part to stamp out bullying by celebrating diversity and promoting kindness and inclusion.


Kia ora Whanau.

Just letting you know that we have had a pretty focused week four in class. For reading, writing, and maths, we have been doing what I call, a 'Topec Challenge.' It's a competition for the best presentation about our camp at Topec. Students are working independently or in pairs, and there are quite a few categories that they could win. I am shouting morning tea for the winners in my class, (the whole class Room 3) on Friday the 26th.

Our close focus for maths is on measuring angles and drawing angles. This helps to link our Moana theme this term to Navigation and where the people groups who live in New Zealand came from. This enables us to understand what makes us Aotearoa. All of the students have been really successful and enjoy learning about measurement and angles.

This week will also be busy, with prop-making for Moana, the Topec Challenge, and Topec presentations. Just a reminder, It is good when we have everybody at school. Please make sure they get plenty of rest during the week so we can be effective in getting work done. We are a team and when someone is not here they miss vital parts of what is going on.

Thanks for your support.

Mr B.


Week 5 already ! Half way through the term. There is plenty on for our Kaitake Team. Ongoing practices for our Show “Moana Jr” and the incorporation of Sign language week. Ask children in Kaitake Toru to show you the days of the week, or spell their names.

Now staging is up and we are all practising on the stage, costumes next. Just a reminder about our class needs. We have been lucky to get the majority of our costumes from Raeleen Luckin. There are a couple of things that you are required to purchase, just non expensive versions from Warehouse or Kmart.

Room 21

All students will need a white tshirt ,and girls some black bike shorts to wear under their costume. If any Boys have a Hawaiian shirt that would be instead of the white tshirt.

Room 19

All students will need a black tshirt and girls some black bike shorts or black tights.

The boys have pants here.

Can we have them at school by the 2nd June please.

This is all that is required for your children and their performances.

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On Wednesday we had to teach each other in the morning in Room 19 and 21.

We were supporting each other with Te Reo and Maths. Experts helping others to learn.

Room 22 have been looking at symmetry this week, we combined symmetry and art. Here are a few examples, can you tell which side of the sea animal they started with and which side they have drawn/completed themselves?



Pre-enrolment for Pre-schoolers

If you have a pre-schooler who may attend Coastal Taranaki School in the future, it is very important that we have their details and add them to our list.

You can easily add your child's name to our pre-enrolment list - just complete the google doc below.

This information really helps us plan ahead regarding numbers of students starting school. It also makes it easier for me to contact you regarding Transition to School visits and to invite you to workshops/hui that may be of interest.

If you know of someone in our area that has not yet pre-enrolled, feel free to share the link. We already have students on our list who start in 2026 so it's never too early!

If you have any questions about Starting School please email

Kelly Madden

CTS Transition to School


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MUSIC LESSONS - After School

After School Music Tuition

The following classes are being offered after school: Guitar, Piano, Violin, Ukulele, Singing, Drums and general music for younger students. Please contact Justine for details-


Sports Coaching

Tena Koutou Katoa,

We have an exciting opportunity coming to Coastal Taranaki School. Sports Taranaki coaching advisor Guy Honor is running a Coaches Clinic for upskilling all of our current coaches and managers. This programme will be facilitated by Miss Stevens.

This clinic is also for or any of our aspiring parents, teachers and students from years 10-13.

This evening will give you an introduction to gaining skills to coach and manage sports effectively. Covering the following topics:

What makes a good coach/manager

Team management skills

Understanding your participants

conduct, planning and communication


Date: Monday 29th May

Time: 6pm-7.30pm

Location: Coastal Taranaki School

Room: Agency Room or Staff Room (both in the same area of the school)

Snacks and Refreshments provided, please bring along a notebook, pen and any questions that you might have.

We look forward to meeting you all, please RSVP via email to:

Ngā mihi nui

Casey Stevens

Health and Physical Education

Coastal Taranaki School

Congratulations to Teina Pauro Yr 11, Teina has been selected to represent Taranaki Whānui Māori Rugby League in the Under 17’s Grade at the ANZMRL Rangatahi Tournament. The tournament will be held on Queen's Birthday weekend, the 2nd & 3rd of June 2023.


Health Education learning and teaching at Coastal Taranaki School is underpinned by our vision expressed through the whakataukī, Mā te whanau te tamaiti e puawai, (through collaboration learners will thrive) and our school values, Ako (Empower Learners), Whanaunatanga, (Collaboration) and Manaakitanga (Care). Programmes align to the New Zealand Curriculum (2007) with direct links to NZC Principles and Key Competencies. A strategic plan has been developed for Health, Physical Education and community sports. Health Education is compulsory for Year 0-10 learners and covers the key areas of the Health Curriculum; body awareness, safety + care, social media impacts, mental health and lifestyle choices, nutrition, relationships, sexuality education, rights + responsibilities. This is aimed at increasing students' awareness for health, sense of self worth and belonging. Years 11-13 have health learning incorporated into all physical education lessons. The focus of the Health programme is on providing learners with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to maintain and enhance overall hauora and wellbeing to enhance learning and be the best they can be. This ensures adapting an attitude of kia maia that is aligned with the above school values. Learning contexts are developed collaboratively in response to learner needs and to reflect the unique nature of our local community whilst becoming valuable lifelong members of the Ōkato area and beyond.


Physical Education learning and teaching at Coastal Taranaki School is also underpinned by our vision. It is compulsory for Year 0-10 learners and covers the key areas : Personal health and physical development, movement concepts + motor skills, relationships with other people and healthy communities and environments.In years 11-13 - The focus of the P.E programme here is developed from the above areas and focuses on providing learners with the knowledge to enhance physical health (training and nutrition knowledge), understand biophysical principles of movement, demonstrate interpersonal/leadership skills and contribute to community lives. This enables individuals to enhance their hauora and wellbeing to be the best they can be in through and about movement. This ensures adapting an attitude of kia maia in line with school values. Learning contexts are developed collaboratively in response to learner needs and to reflect the diversity of our local community whilst becoming valuable lifelong members of the Ōkato area and beyond.

Big ideas + Whakatauki from NZ Curriculum

Health - Positive feelings in your heart will raise your sense of self worth

P.E - Movement is integral to Hauora

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CTS Sports - Facebook page

Head over to our school sports facebook page CTS Sports and follow for all our school sports news, results and updates.


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Scott Walden - Principal

Sylvia Howieson Deputy Principal - Acting Principal Term 1

Marian Richardson Deputy Principal,HOF Technology, Secondary Team Leader (Taranaki)

Kenneth McMorland English

Glenda Palmer Careers/Vocational, Social Sciences, Languages

Rebecca Barron Science/Ag

Andrea Dingle Maths

Steve Leppard Technology

Bridget Shaw Art

Casey Stevens P.E & Health, Sports Administrator

Ãria Broughton Te Reo

Justine Francis Music

Craig Taylor Relese

Jason Brewer Year 7/8 Teacher

Karla Jorgensen Team Leader Year 7/8 Teacher

Pip Gorrie Digi Tech, CCIT Lead, Specialist Teacher

Renee Leathley Kaitake Team Leader, Year 5/6 Teacher

Margaret Normanton Year 5/6 Teacher

Liana Roberts (Gifkin) Year 4 Teacher

Emily Finey Year 2/3 Teacher

Baylie Bright Year 2/3 Teacher

Philippa Hofmans Team Leader Year 1/2 Teacher

Jemma Moorby Year 1 Teacher

Kelly Madden NE Transition Teacher

Shelley Cook SENCO / Reading Recovery

Lisa Betts Guidance Counsellor

Sarah Warren Reading Recovery trainee

Sarah Oke Release / Tech on 45

Delwyn Pearce School Librarian

Kirsty Koboski Publicity Officer

Jacky Kopu Office Manager

Nicky Phillips Office, Funding & Sports


Josephine Simons Sports Co-ordinator

Ole Bucka Grounds & Maintenance

Learning Assistants

Darryl Levett

Kirsty Koboski

Johanna Poutini

Paula Fleming

Dee Heath

Jess Harfield

Ruth Barron

Kyle Manson

Ian Robinson

Nicole Whittle

Kaycee Cresswell