My goals

Setting goals

My academic goal is that I want to achieve a GPA of 3.5 or higher. Meanwhile, my athletic goal is that I want to become a professional skateboarder. Lastly, my personal goal is that I want to go to a well-known university and earn my masters degree in automotive engineering.

Overcoming Obstacles

I want to overcome physical, family, school, and financial obstacles. My physical obstacle that I would like to overcome is that I want to be able to engage my knees in more physical activities. As for family obstacles, I would like to see my family more united and seeing them more often than usual. School-wise, I would like to study more for tests and quizzes so that I can succeed and meet my school obstacles. Financially, I want to save money for my future and not spend it on stupid stuff.


There are many individuals who can help me achieve my goals. Teachers like, Mr. Samarin, Mrs. Nyguen, and Mr. Yarrington, as well as my AVID tutors. Relatives like my cousins, my aunts, my mother, and my grandparents are excellent resources. Friends that will help me are Jose, Chris, Jason, Jorge and Alvaro are also reliable resources.

Personal action plan

I will have a plan to help me achieve my goals. Among them include: my attitude, education, acquiring necessary skills, and studying. For my attitude I plan to work on having a positive attitude for everything that I do. For my education plan I will start making study guides. As for acquiring needed skills, I plan to get good grades and go to a well-known school. In order to study I will plan to review several times my notes.