7 Tips for Virtual Office Members

7 tips to ensure success for virtual office members.

7 Tips for Virtual Office Members

Presenting 7 tips to ensure success for virtual office members.

1. Stay on top of your calendar

Once you sign up for a virtual office, always remember marking your calendar is an utmost priority. Morning conference call, skype with your manager, to do list… everything should be mentioned not only your calendar but also on all your devices. Once you sign up for One Internet’s virtual office in Connaught Place, they highly recommend downloading a smart calendar app like Agenday. So, you can join your audio and web conferences directly from your notifications.


Don’t work in isolation. Networking is very important

Don’t stick to working from cafes or home, attend meet ups and startup/investor meetup. At One Internet, they invite everyone who signs up for their virtual office in Connaught Place, to visit their office, attend meet-ups and interact with co-workers.

3. Say hello to the challenges Ahead

The moment you sign up for online office space, gear up to handle the following challenges: loneliness, handling clients in different time zones, defining the line between work and non-work hours, distractions from friends and family members who think that working from home makes you free for errands etc.

4. Manage your correspondence impeccably

Since all your correspondence is directed to your virtual office, manage it impeccably. For example, at One Internet everyone who signs up for their virtual office in Connaught Place is given a call the moment they receive their courier. Since, all your bank papers, client correspondence etc will happen from the virtual office take care to collect them on timely basis.

5. De-clutter

Stay away from virtual clutter. Virtual clutter is the fastest way to lose track of vital documents, emails, presentations etc. Make it a point to lessen virtual clutter whenever you can.

6. Dress to impress

Even though your office is virtual, do not roam around clad in pajamas and slippers. Dress up every morning and focus on your work. As per a research, your chances of being productive and focused doubles when you are well dressed.


Mark your team days

Once in two weeks, get your entire team – freelancer and the remote workers – together and work from a co-working space or café. This will keep the team’s productivity and motivational levels high. One Internet extends their conference room at nominal rates to all their virtual office members.