GaVS Physics B: Week 9 Update

18, 16, AND 14 week Spring 2017

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This Week's Focus: Sound

We will continue our study of Sound this week. Specifically, we will be studying resonance, the physics of music, and the Doppler Effect.

On Tuesday, March 7th @ 6:00 PM, we will have an Adobe session in my classroom. I will have time for you to ask questions in advance of our due date this Wednesday, March 8th.

Did you know Physics B has 8 modules and we are on our 5th module?

This means that we are already halfway through the content of this course. If you are in the 18 week session, you are halfway through your 18 week session.

Remember, tests are 40% of your grade in this course and we only have 4 tests left (14 week students, you technically have 5 left since your waves test is not due until Wednesday). If you aren't doing as well as you'd like on the tests, ask yourself:

  • Am I reading through ALL of the modules pages and watching all of the instructional videos BEFORE you start the test?
  • Are you watching the Adobe Session Reviews for the extra points on your test AND help with the concepts on the test BEFORE you start the test?
  • Are you showing your work on the short answer AND attempting the short answer even if you are unsure of the answer?
  • Are you asking questions about what you don't understand BEFORE you start the test?

If you aren't doing ALL of these things, why not try doing them just once? It couldn't hurt your grade and you just might be surprised with how well you do on the test!

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me:

Emily Kroutil

470-238-8663 (call or text; please do not call after 8 PM)