Battle of Kasserine Pass

By: Madie Bacon

Important information

The battle of Kasserine Pass occured on Feburuary 14, 1943 through Feburuary 25, 1943 in Tunisia, North Africa. German and Italy launched an attack of the United States, United Kingdom, and Free France. This war marked the first major battle defeat of the war for the United States.

The War Ends

With the Allies forces casualties adding up to near 10,000 people they decided to withdraw and leave behind everything. The Axis forces had won the battle and only suffered from 2,000 casualties during it.


 The main general for Germany was Erwin Rommel. For the Allies the main generals were United States general Lloyd Fredendall and United Kingdom general Kenneth Anderson. To start the battle off Germany attacked the United States during a sand storm. After the battle was over it was concluded that it was Erwin Rommel's last great achievement in North Africa.