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Order on Our Website: http://suwanee.locallygrown.net/market Fridays to Sundays

Pick Up Location: 1300 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Suite 1104, Suwanee 30024 at Cultured Traditions (LOWER LEVEL at The Plaza at Suwanee Station Shopping Center)

Pick Up Date & Time: WEDNESDAYS 1 pm to 6:30pm


Group Buy: Grass Fed Cheese!

This weekend we will be taking orders for grass-fed cheese from Coulter Farms and Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese!

Quick info about each farm:

Coulter Farms: The Coulter family produces Raw Milk Cheeses, from their own Certified Organic, 100% Grassfed Jersey Milk right on their farm in Honey Grove, Pennsylvania. This is truly "raw milk" cheese, never heated above 102 degrees.

Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese: Kenny and his team make several styles of cheese on their farm using old world techniques. They've been making classics like White Cheddar and Gouda that they started almost 20 years ago to more complex original cheeses like Norwood that you won't get anywhere else.

Low Temp Pasteurized and Raw Milk Cheeses will be available. ***THIS ORDER WILL NOT BE AT PICK UP ON WEDNESDAY**** I will place our order on Monday but don't expect it to arrive until the following Wednesday. This is a pre-paid, pre-order and payment is expected by THIS Wednesday.

I’ve asked the cheesemakers to put “(Raw Milk Cheese)” in the title if it is raw milk cheese aged 60 days according to FDA regulation. All other cheeses are low temp pasteurized.

Raw milk cheese that is listed on the market is safe for human consumption and is aged at least 60 days per FDA regulation.

Prices and available sizes will be on the market website tomorrow for ordering. The pricing will include shipping and taxes/fees.

  • Cows Raised without synthetic hormones
  • Cows are grass-fed and raised on pasture
  • Old World, Handmade Cheese making Techniques
  • Cheeses made with non-homogenized low temp pasteurized or raw milk and aged at least 60 days to comply with the USDA regulations for raw milk cheese production
  • Vegetable-based rennet, to make it more acceptable to vegetarians
  • Cheeses that are not considered raw are pasteurized at the lowest legal temperature for 15 seconds

See Kenny’s and Coulter Farms' website for more detailed information about their process: http://www.kennysfarmhousecheese.com/

Benefits of Grass-Fed Cheese

  • One of the few foods that contain a perfect balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fats, a ratio ideal for your health
  • Very high in CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) In fact, it contains five times more CLA than dairy from grain-fed cows! CLA, which are most abundant in grass-fed products, are among the most potent cancer fighters in all foods.
  • Considerably higher in beta-carotene, vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin E than cheese and other dairy from grain-fed sources
  • High in the healthy calcium and protein your body needs
  • Free from growth hormones and antibiotics

Cupid's Blend Coffee

Cupid struck the roastery and inspired JavaGenesis Coffee Roasting to create a special blend just in time for Valentine’s Day. It is a delicious, smooth blend of Mexican, Sumatran and Ethiopian coffees that your Valentine will love. Grab a bag this week before it’s gone! Available in Ground or Whole Bean. Perfect, unique Valentine gift for a coffee Lover!

New Items

Check these out these new items on the market!


PLEASE HELP! Volunteers Needed at pick up!

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! We need 1 volunteer this Wed, 2/13 at 5pm.

Please consider volunteering during market pick up. I can’t run the market without your help! Shifts are 1 hour long and go by really fast. It's a great opportunity to meet fellow members!

Thank you Karen, Veverly, Chuck, Miki, and Kelly for volunteering last Wednesday! We couldn't have the co-op without our amazing volunteers!!

If you are interested in volunteering but unsure exactly what that involves, please let Nora know and she will do a quick "volunteer orientation" with you on a day/time that you pick up.

Click to Volunteer

No packing is involved just need someone to be there to assist other members. You are welcome to bring your kids as long as they are supervised.



Happy Valentine's Day! Here's a link to some healthy recipes that I'm going to try this year and thought I'd share❤


Group Buy Schedule and Events

Below is a list of upcoming co-op group buys to help with planning and budgeting. All dates are subject to change.

Group Buys:

2/8 - 2/10 Grass Fed Cheese

2/22 - 2/24 Wilderness Family Naturals (Organic coconut oils, pantry items)

Upcoming Farmer/Vendor of the Day/Farm Tour-



Suwanee Magazine just published their Fitness Issue! Here's a link to an article written about the co-op https://issuu.com/suwaneemag/docs/suwmagjanfeb191/36 and a link to the issue if you want to read the entire magazine https://suwaneemagazine.com/ I'll have some at pick up for you to grab too.

Some of our vendors ( B&B Enterprises Honey, Southern Essentials, JavaGenesis Coffee Roasting, and Carrell Farms are are also spotlighted in the Suwanee Winter Farmers Market section!

Love all the support from our wonderful community! Please continue to spread the word!



You support us and we support YOU!! This section of the newsletter is dedicated to helping support our community. If you are looking for a job, have a business you want to share, a community event, etc., please let me know. I write the newsletter every Thursday so submissions are due by Wednesday. Please email your submission to suwaneewholelife@gmail.com

Member Announcements

If you have anything you would like us to share please send your request by Thursday at 1pm to be considered for the upcoming newsletter. Send requests to suwaneewholelife@gmail.com

A fellow co-op member/volunteer, Veverly Harrison-Smith, has an Azure Standard pick up at Cultured Traditions monthly. This is not associated with Suwanee Whole Life Co-op in any way so if you have questions please contact Veverly directly.

Health Freedom GA group

Do you believe in health freedom?? Do you support informed consent & basic human rights?? If so, we need your help now!! The Health Freedom GA group is looking for new members to get involved in our community w/ awareness events, activism, & legislative activities in the Health Freedom arena. I'd love to connect w/ anyone that's interested & talk more. You can find our group on FB at Health Freedom GA or feel free to e-mail me at erykka7@yahoo.com. Light n' Love, Erika aka Noko (Hip Hop Activist)

Local Suwanee Events



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About Us

We are an online farmers market that strives to provide the community convenient access to nutrient dense, organically grown foods and healthy products that contain No Antibiotics, No Hormones, No Synthetic Fertilizers or Chemicals, No Additives, such as MSG or Nitrates, No GMO Soy and No GMOs.

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Market is open for online orders Fridays starting at 7:30 am to Sundays ending at 6 pm. Pick up is in Suwanee at Cultured Traditions on Wednesdays from 1 pm to 6:30 pm only. Please make sure you understand how we work before you order.