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Important Dates to Remember!

2/21 - 2/25 - February Recess - NO SCHOOL

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher conference days around the corner! School will be in session for half days on March 10th, 11th, 17th and 18th. Conferences provide an opportunity for you to meet with your child’s teacher to gain insight about their growth and progress and plan for your child’s future success. Each conference will last for twenty minutes.

Beginning February 1st, you can sign up for a parent-teacher conference using this link: You will be able to select a conference date and time with your child’s teacher. If you need to change your conference time for any reason, please log back in to Meet the Teacher and make the change prior to February 18th. Once the change is made in the system, the teacher will receive an email. If you need to make changes after February 18th, please contact your child’s teacher.

If you have challenges with your login to this program, please email:

You can begin signing up for your child’s conference on February 1st. If you have specific questions regarding your child or the conference, please contact your child’s teacher directly. We are looking forward to seeing you in March.

Thank you,

Christine & Lucy

School Hours

Please note the school hours below. It's important for your child to be on time to school so they do not miss valuable instruction time.

School Hours

7:50 AM -2:20 PM


  • Bus Drop Off: 7:50am
  • Parent Drop Off: 7:55am-8:10am


  • Bus Dismissal: 2:10pm-2:20pm
  • Family Pick Up: 2:20pm

Global School Play Day!

State Road is participating in a Global School Play Day on February 2nd. This is a special day where we reflect on the benefits and necessity of unstructured play. Global School Play Day is a fun day to get away from staring at screens and instead interacting with peers through unstructured play. We look forward to seeing everyone playing on February 2nd!

Note from out Transportation Dept.

January 2022

Dear Webster CSD Elementary School Families,

Webster CSD’s bus drivers are so happy to be driving your children back and forth to school every day!

Following are a couple of areas where we need your ongoing support (and positive reinforcement with your children!) to continue making our bus rides enjoyable and, more importantly, safe:

  • Please use Level 1 voices and kind language, just like in school.

  • Please do not eat or drink on the bus as it is a potential choking hazard.

  • Always use the trash can for litter to keep the bus clean and neat.

  • Always stay seated for the safest trip possible.

  • Always keep your hands to yourself.

  • Please remind your child to properly mask up, ensuring their mask covers their mouth and nose.

Your help from home is so important as we work together to keep your children safe! Our goal every day is a safe ride back and forth to school. All of us in the Webster CSD Transportation Department appreciate your help. We wish you and your family a terrific school year!


Your Webster CSD Bus Drivers

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If your child is exposed to someone positive for COVID, please keep your child home and contact the school nurse. If your child is 2+ weeks out of their second COVID vaccination and symptom free, then they may attend school while in quarantine. Isolation and quarantine are 5 days following symptoms or exposure.

Isolation Students: Can return 5 days after positive test or symptoms started as long as they are fever free and symptoms resolving. If they still have symptoms please keep home for an additional 5 days.

Quarantine Students: If the student has remained out of contact from the positive individual and has not developed any symptoms, then they are cleared to return to school after 5 days. If they have had continued contact with the positive individual, then they may return 5 days after their last contact. If they exhibit any of the following symptoms, please keep your child home and obtain a COVID test. Symptoms include fever, loss of taste, loss of smell, fatigue, body aches, headache, sore throat, cough, congestion, vomiting, and diarrhea.

For testing you may use your primary care physician, urgent care, or any testing center. You may also use Webster School Districts rapid PCR clinic. The clinics are held on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Here is the link for sign up:

Negative home tests are not accepted for return to school after illness. If you have a positive home test you may report it on the Monroe County website.

Webster CSD kindergarten registration for the 2022-23 school year opens today. Welcome to the Class of 2035!

Webster CSD kindergarten registration for the 2022-23 school year opens Monday, January 24 at 10:00 a.m. completely online!

Parents/guardians who have a child who will be 5 years old on or before December 1, 2022, that child is eligible for kindergarten enrollment for the 2022-23 school year. This link enables parents/guardians to complete a 100% online registration process.

If you have any questions, please contact Student Registration at or (585) 216-0029.

Report cards will be available to view on the parent portal, February 11th after 12:00pm.

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Check out what our Eagles are doing this month!

Happy February!

The preschoolers will be busy learning and playing! Some special days we will talk about will be Chinese New Year, Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day, and President's Day. Also, HIP, HIP, HOORAY!!! We will celebrate 100 days in preschool!! Our themes will include dental health, love and kindness, and birds!

Stay Warm!

Kinderfriends will be celebrating Chinese New Year and continue to write about World Changers. Students will investigate shadows and learn about weather. It will be fun to predict if Punxsutaney Phil will see his shadow! They will challenge themselves in some Olympic role plays, as well as perform their Snow Dude play (via Livestream). The celebrations will continue with 100th Day and Valentine’s Day! In math, they will practice their teen numbers and create math mountains. Students will learn about their teeth, too!
February will be a very busy month in first grade! Students will participate in the Global Day of Play on February 2nd. We will also celebrate the 101st day of school on February 11th. Students have been working hard on their non-fiction books about Arctic Animals, place value in math, and glued sounds in Fundations. Please continue to read every night with your child as well as review first grade trick words and math facts. We look forward to seeing you in March for Parent/Teacher conferences. Information about conferences will be coming home soon!
The month of January has flown by in second grade! We are continuing our study of Ancient Greece and listening to a variety of Greek Myths during our Integrated ELA time in class. We will be moving on to a study of the Phases of Matter next. Students will be learning about the properties of solids, liquids and gases and how they change. In math, we will be starting our unit on subtraction. We will be discussing strategies for subtracting 2-digit numbers with and without ungrouping. Problem solving skills will also be a focus in the unit. We are encouraging our students to be working on knowing their subtraction facts with more speed and accuracy. At home, try to establish a routine of reading for 20 minutes and practicing math facts. We are looking forward to a fabulous February!
This week our frogs came!! The students are so excited to watch the life cycle happen before our eyes! During this unit we will learn about the adaptations, the life cycle, and become experts on frogs. In math, we are focusing on place value, adding and subtracting with regrouping and ungrouping. During writing we are working through the writing process. We finished/almost finished with writing about a moment in time when the students overcame an obstacle in their lives. Can you believe third grade is halfway over? It is flying by! Please continue to have your child read each night and practice their math facts.

Fourth graders continue to use their multiplication and division skills to support our newest unit in math, Algebraic Expressions. It's essential all students continue to practice their math facts and do ST Math! In Module, we are ready to embark on our next unit, researching animal defenses. Be sure to ask your student about some of the fascinating defense mechanisms they have learned about!

At this point in the year, we are encouraging all fourth graders to increase their reading stamina by incorporating at least 20-30 minutes of independent reading each night. Families can help by setting aside time for everyone to read, talking about favorite characters or the problems in the story, or even trying out one of Lauren Tarshis's many engaging stories. We can't wait to meet her on February 3!

One of the highlights of this school year is by far our visit to the Challenger Learning Center at Kodak Center earlier this month. As each class entered the building, they were transported to a year in the future and assigned to Mission Control or the Explorer 2 spacecraft working to bring home a team of astronauts already exploring Mars. Team assignments included Communication, Remote, Isolation, Data, Probe, Medical, and Life Support. Serious tasks involved measurement, interpreting data, and communicating with your partner on the other spacecraft. We are proud to say that all of our classes were successful in bringing their astronauts safely home!

Back in the classroom, we have followed up by learning about the relationship between the Earth, Sun, Moon and stars. We continue to learn about the importance of the Rainforest and extending to how figurative language helps us better understand what it looks like to be there.

Our second phase of safety patrol begins this month, as does our full rehearsals for Band and Orchestra!

Our centrum classrooms have been continuing their community based outings and are looking forward to going bowling this month. The children have been practicing this skill in their PE classes and are well prepared. Mrs. Dobson’s and Mr. Ormerod’s classroom will be learning about different peacemakers throughout history. Mrs. Dobson’s class will also be learning about community helpers. Mrs. Vollmer’s classroom will be completing activities around the theme of Make Believe. All centrum classroom’s will participate in social skills activities that help us work better with classmates and friends in school!
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We just finished a lesson on the winter olympics. Ask your child to name any of the winter olympic events they have learned about!

This month, we will celebrate and learn about healthy heart month including a variety of nutrition and fitness lessons as well as some basketball skills!

Students are encouraged to wear Red on Feb 1st in honor of our Kids Heart Challenge event and healthy heart month!

We will be taking our 3rd graders on a field trip to Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics!

Mr. Graf and Mrs. Carlsen are hosting student teachers from SUNY Brockport. Mr. Monte and Mr. Harvey will be at State Road until mid March!

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Like to Ski?

New York State offers a Ski for Free program for our 3rd and 4th graders! There is a $41 processing fee- to get the passport however it is to get two lift tickets (with the purchase of an adult lift ticket) at any of the surrounding ski areas which is a great price!

See attached flyer or check the website

Skiing is a great outdoor activity to keep your kids active and enjoying the snow!

Mr. Graf and Mrs. Carlsen

Library News!

Library Renovations

Our library’s renovations are moving along nicely and we are so excited to watch the changes! The new library should be ready by March or April 2022!

Author Visit

Our virtual author visit for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders is almost here! On February 3rd they will meet best-selling author Lauren Tarshis! She is the author of the amazing I Survived books. Adventure, survival and history all rolled up in an amazing book series! For more information about our visiting author please visit her website:

Planning is underway for a very exciting author visit geared to our K-2nd students this May! Stay tuned!

5th Grade Battle of the Books Competition!

Soon we'll be kicking off Battle of the Books! A long-time tradition at State Road, our amazing 5th grade readers will form teams, read books and then compete by answering questions about the books in a fun competition. Please encourage and support your child! All students win through this great event!

Coming Soon: March Book Madness!

Please feel free to contact Mrs. Koch, Librarian, if you have any questions or need assistance.

Happy Reading!

Lauren Tarshis, author of the popular I Survived book series will visit virtually with 3rd, 4th & 5th graders on February 3rd!
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From the Board of Education, February 2022

Tammy Gurowski, President

  • Schlegel Road ES Liaison

Janice Richardson, Vice President

  • Klem Road South ES/Spry MS /Webster Schroeder HS Liaison

Mike Alt

  • Plank Road North ES Liaison

Jennifer Birdsong-Ng

  • Klem Road North ES/State Road ES/Webster Thomas HS Liaison

Linda Dioguardi

  • Plank Road South ES/Spry MS/Webster Schroeder HS Liaison

Shanna LaDelfa

  • Klem Road North ES/Willink MS/Webster Thomas HS Liaison

Maria Rigillo

  • DeWitt Road ES/Plank Road South ES/Willink MS Liaison

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Webster CSD kindergarten registration for the 2022-23 school year is now open and completely online!

Parents/guardians who have a child who will be 5 years old on or before December 1, 2022, that child is eligible for kindergarten enrollment for the 2022-23 school year. This link enables parents/guardians to complete a 100% online registration process.

Please share this information with parents you know who will have kindergartners entering our district next fall. If you have any questions, please contact Student Registration at or (585) 216-0029.


There is still time to nominate an outstanding Webster CSD educator in your child’s life for the annual Oak Tree Award. Each year, the Webster Teachers’ Association and the Webster Central PTSA co-sponsors this award which recognizes teacher excellence by honoring an educator from the elementary and secondary levels.

You now have the opportunity to nominate an educator by Friday, February 11 and can be made by visiting this link. The link also includes detailed information about the criteria for this special award.


Purchase tickets by visiting Hope to see you there!

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