Battle of Fort Ticonderoga

By Rylie Soboski


Fort Ticonderoga was a important victory over the British. General Arnold attract the fort with 80 minute men. Americans ceased the fort without fireing a shot. Fort Ticonderoga was first built in North America. The battle of fort Ticonderoga was a important battle to the Americans.


Fort Ticonderoga was an important victory over the British. At the time of the time of fort ticonderoga there were many troops and leaders. The Americans captured 168 of the British. Four thousand guards guard the star fort. There is the story of fort ticonderoga.


Cease-to stop or end something

Captured-an act to take or hold someone as a prisoner or of being taken as a prisoner

Colonists-a peron who lives in a colonie

Victory- success of beating a opponent or enemy

Wounded-injerd by a weapon