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Same Day Repairs

Our primary goal is to get your gadgets fixed and back to you as quickly as possible while still maintaining the highest quality parts, a comprehensive diagnosis, and the best possible repair work available. With all of these requirements, we strive to get every repair done the same day, but we in most cases get it done in a matter of an hour or two.

Most of our locations will be located in a shopping mall environment, so we want you to be able to drop off your gadget and just go eat at the nearby food court or go shopping and have your device ready when you get done. We keep all of the most common replacement parts in stock and have an inventory system that is able to detect trends and spikes to keep those parts in stock and ready for your business.

There are times, however, we may run out of a certain part needed to fix your gadget. In these rare cases, we may need to special order a part for you which may take an additional day or two to get in. Never fear though. We can either keep your device and repair it as soon as the part comes in, or we can reserve the part for you and contact you as soon as it is in stock and ready for you to stop by and have it repaired that day.

Custom Repairs

Sometimes you may break something a little less common and need some rarer parts to get your gadget up and running. Don't fear, we can still help.

We do specialize in the more common repairs, so we can more quickly service your gadget, but there are times when something else breaks. We do try to provide a complete repair service for all of the gadgets we work on. These additional parts, however, may need to be special ordered, so this will add some time to your repair. We typically will let you leave the device with us, and we'll do a full diagnosis to make sure what it needs, special order the part, and get it repaired for you the day the replacement part arrives, and give you a call informing you it is ready.

An additional option we provide is letting you hold on to your device, and we will go special order the part you need and schedule an appointment for you to come back in and drop your device off when we get the replacement part in stock. This way if your device is partially working, you can keep it until we are ready to repair it.