Holiday Newsletter with Brooke


I want to thank each of you for helping get my business off to such a great start! To show my love and appreciation, I'm giving back! I've started a Referral Rewards Program. For every person you refer to me who becomes a Preferred Customer you will receive $20. Plus if you refer someone to me who signs up as a Consultant w/ Business Building Kit purchase you will receive $50!


Where do you turn when your face can't take it anymore? Calm the flush reaction of a hyper-sensitive complexion with SOOTHE. Clinically proven to reduce redness and irritation in as little as 5 minutes.

The SOOTHE products are great to add to any regimen especially during the harsh winter months for added moisture. If your skin tends to dry out during the winter you might want to consider adding the Moisture Replenishing Cream to your wish list.


Don't skip the SPF

Just because the sun is pretty much MIA these days doesn't mean you get to skip the SPF and here's why:

  1. The earth is actually closest to the sun in the winter.
  2. The ozone layer (Earth's sun shield) is at its thinnest during the winter months.
  3. Snow and ice reflect up to 80% of the UV rays, which not only causes skin cancer, BUT are also the source of about 90% of all wrinkles (EEK!).
  4. Windburn and sunburn are a dynamic duo! When your skin is dry and agitated UV rays have a clear shot at your skin.


Host a party with your friends in the month of December and receive a FREE Body Micro-dermabrasion PLUS 10% of the party sales in FREE PRODUCTS!

All you have to do is invite a few friends over, provide a few appetizers and you'll be on your way to beautiful skin in no time!


  • Become a Preferred Customer by Midnight 11/27 and receive a free gift, PLUS I will pay back your enrollment fee!
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