Born in chicago on january 27,1894 Fritz Pollard was the first African American head coach in the National Football League he was one of the two African American players in the NFL. In 1938, Brown University founded his own Professional Football team, the Brown Bombers in 2005 ,Fritz Pollard was posthumously inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Fritz also went to the Rose Bowl. he was the first Black Football Player at brown.
IN 1926 Pollard and nine other black men were removed from the league never to return again.Pollard coached at lincoln University. and served as athletic director of the school's World War I era Students' Army Training Corps. During 1918–1919. he led the team to a victorious season defeatingHoward University's Bisons 13-0 in the annual Thanksgiving classic as well as Hampton (7-0) on November 9, 1918 and teams of military recruits at Camp Dix (19-0) on November 2, 1918 , and Camp Upton (41-0). By the fall of 1920, however, he had begun to play for Akron and missed key contests with Hampton and Howard.Lincoln's team was defeated 14-0 against Hampton and 42-0 against Howard.Paul Robeson was enlisted by Lincoln's alumni to coach the Thanksgiving 1920 game against Howard.