The Impossible Maze

Written by: Hannah Marie Young

Once upon a time in a world where every animal was peacefully united, there was a maze one no one could get through, Until now. King Leo strode up to his throne. His robe flowing majestically behind him. Once he reached the top, it was clear he meant business.
"As you now I am getting old, and I must choose an heir for the throne of the animal kingdom. So to prove one of you is worthy, you must finish the impossible maze." A day later every animal in the kingdom, it seemed was getting ready for the maze. A small pigmy mouse Eric was a farmer.
He was a clever mouse and came in the maze with only food and water for one day. This mouse was over looked as he sneaked into the maze at dawn. Every one had always made fun of poor Eric, except Ellie the elephant. When Eric was a kid he had a supremely boring scholar who loved Eric.
He told Eric that someday the maze would need his small shape. Eric knew he would find out what his teacher meant today. Eric came across a brick. He moved it to reveal a hole. That must have been what his teacher meant, Eric thought.
He scurried down the hole, just as everyone else started to enter the maze. He came out to receive hugs from his wife and 17 kids. And of course, a crown from the king.

Moral- Apperance does not always matter. Sometimes you have to rely on your smarts and wits when you want something.

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