Welcome to Jamaica

Come visit the ever exotic island that we call Jamaica!!!

Facts About Jamaica

Jamaica is a tropical island located in the Caribbean. It is a great place to take a vacation to when you want to have a relaxing yet fun filled time. If you want a little bit of a change, Jamaica is the place for you because people drive on the left hand side of the road. If you are the type of person who LOVES hot weather Jamaica is where you should visit, it has warm, humid weather with a tropical climate. Jamaica is very popular and well known for its famous athletes in track and field such as Johan Blake, Shelly- Ann Fraser- Pryce and lastly Usain Bolt. Jamaica is home to the fantastic musician Bob Marley. If all of this is stuff that interests you, visit Jamaica.

A Taste Of Jamaica

You are probably thinking, "what types of food do they have to eat in Jamaica?" Well, in Jamaica the food is great! If you like spicy food, you will love Jamaica. Jamaica has a reputation for having spicy food. The national dish in Jamaica is Ackee Saltfish. Ackee is a local fruit they have in Jamaica and it resembles scrambled eggs. The dish also contains dried codfish, mixed tomatoes and onions.

Robert Marley Museum

If you are looking for some fun things to do in Jamaica, I know just the place for you! Come visit the Robert [Bob] Marley Museum in Kingston, Jamaica. You can learn all about the art of reggae music and the most famous artist who sang the style, Bob Marley.
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National Hero's Park

If you are looking for another fun, cool thing to do and explore in Jamaica, how about going to visit the National Hero's Park. For 101 years the land was known for horse racing. It was a place and time where people and neighbors gathered together and watched the amazing. magnificent horse back riding races. They also used the venue for the famous traveling circus. If this sounds like fun, then Jamaica is the place for you! Come visit National Hero's Park today!!!!
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The Devon House

The Devon House is a very popular attraction in Jamaica. It shows major cultural diversity and some how it calms you down when you just need a break. The Devon House was Jamaica's very first African American millionaire's house, George Stiebel. The house has elegant furniture such as a chandelier and 19th century antiques. If you are going to visit Jamaica and you want to relax, The Devon House is where you should be!
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When you are in Jamaica, you will need a way to get around, to go from place to place. Well, we've got you covered! Cars and buses are the main form of transportation in Jamaica. They follow the great British tradition of driving on the left hand side of the road. Taxi service is also available.


In Jamaica, chances are the culture[s] are very different then they are here or where you live. Really, everything that you have ben reading has something to do with Jamaica's culture. They have different food then us, they sometimes where different clothes than us and sometimes, some people have different religions, or in other words religious beliefs than us. For example, there are many people who live in Jamaica that are Angilicans, Baptists, Catholics, Methodists, Seventh Day Adventists, Prebystrians, Jews, Hindus, Muslims, and last but not least Bahais.

Language and Gestures

When you go to Jamaica, you are going to need to know how to talk, well, luckly for you the main speaking language in Jamaica is English so when you go and visit you won't have that hard of a time speaking to somebody or understanding another person and you wont have to take a million classes before you go on your trip to Jamaica!!! However it might be aittle tricky at first to understand somebody because there is a language called patois which is English with a little touch of an Jamaican accent. So over all you should have a pretty easy time talking and communicating with people in Jamaica.

Map Of Jamaica

Just incase you do end up going to Jamaica, you are going to want to know where to go because you aren't going to want to get lost at all! Here is a map of the cities in Jamaica so that you know when to go when you go. Have fun on you're trip!!!!!
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